I’m a dad…and I change(d) diapers.

What’s this about? Well, I could go on about sexism and outdated dogmas being foisted on the modern man in today’s ever-changing society. But, that’s not exactly right.

This site was started as a meaningless threat that built a head of steam until I could take it no more.

Our son was just a couple months old, and my wife and I decided to finally brave going out one night. We ended up at a Ruby Tuesdays near the house. Things were going along really well, until…

<insert pooty-bomb here>

I decided to man up and get my hands dirty, so to speak. I grabbed the little one and the diaper bag and made a charge to the men’s room. Only to be forced into retreat by the lack of changing table. I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t one there. They had, and still do mind you, plenty of wall space for a station, yet a barren wall mocked me. MOCKED ME!

So, long story short, I told the manager that I was going to start a website listing all the cool places that cater to dads like me and that THEY weren’t going to get listed. (Yes, I even stuck my tongue out.) We had a good laugh, she said she’d check into the station. All good.

Several months later, I was exasperated that, here I was, manly man and dadly dad trying to help momma out with a diaper and I couldn’t. Sure in the major places it’s easier, but in restaurants, not so. Finally, after putting up with ,what I now see as, injustice, I created DadsWhoChangeDiapers.com to help a daddy out.

Addendum: It’s been several years and management FINALLY INSTALLED one!

Ruby Tuesdays…the boycott as finally been lifted.

I have listed every spot that I know has a changing station. Granted, my personal scope of influence is small. BUT, I’m paying it forward, and I hope that you do too. Every dad, (the awesome ones at least) has had to deal with not having the appropriate facilities to take care of their child. Let’s stop the madness, and just frequent the places that cater to our ever growing needs.

C’mon dads. Help me pay it forward and together, build something pretty kick-ass in the process.

Want to check out the map? Easy! http://dadswhochangediapers.com

Have a location you’d like to add? http://dadswhochangediapers.com/add.php


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