UPDATE: The giveaway is over, but there’s some awesome toys being reviewed below.

Angry Birds + Star Wars + Generous offer from Hasbro = This post of awesomeness!

A few weeks back, I was contacted by Hasbro. They asked me if I would like to review some of their toys. I said, “Sure!”.  So, yesterday, I got a box in the mail with some Angry Birds Star Wars stuff in it. I was told they were sending something and that I could sponsor a giveaway if I wanted. I had no idea what was in the box before filming this opening.


(Link doesn’t work but it doesn’t matter because you are here!)

As you can see there was some pretty neat stuff in the box. I was originally going to do one video showing the games and then cutting to them being put together etc. But my son, who loves watching videos of toy reviews, had other ideas. That’s why we decided to go with multiple videos. One for each of the items in the box.

Chewbacca Foam Flyer ~$9.99 Ages 5 and up

The Foam Flyer reminded me of an old 80’s toy MadBalls. My son loves it. He has slept with it two nights in a row. It even beat out his Woody doll…which is kind of a big deal around here.

Next up on the plate:

The Millennium Falcon Bounce Game ~ $19.99 Ages 8 and up

TL;DR – This game has some issues. The gameplay is fine, but it wasn’t designed to go back in the box very well. Fun to play, for sure. The kids LOVED it….but OCD daddy would have preferred it fit back in the box without having to partially dismantle it.

And last but certainly not least:

AT-AT Attack Battle Game ~ $39.99 Ages 5 and up

TL; DR – This game was a blast. Yes, it takes awhile to set up. But my son loved it so much, he snuck it into his room to play with. Yes, packaging was again an issue, but really, this game is enough fun, I’m willing to overlook it.

Now…you made it ALL this way. Let’s get to the fun stuff!

Update: The giveaway is over! Thanks to everyone who entered.


I’m giving away the AT-AT Attack Battle Game.

All you have to do, is leave a comment below and tell me why you want need it!

I will be choosing a winner at 11:59:59 PM on Friday May 3rd (Eastern Standard Time!)

This is open to US residents only, with a street address. Sorry, no PO Boxes. (Sorry to my Canucks, Brits, Aussies, and Kiwis! I don’t make the rules…I just have to follow them.)

Again to make sure EVERYONE knows the FTC guidelines here: Hasbro has compensated me for this review and giveaway. That having been said, the opinions in this review are mine, and mine alone.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars Review and Giveaway
  • Allows for creative play
  • Recognizable characters
  • Lots of action and excitement
  • Packaging - The pieces don't fit back in the box when you're through
  • Millenium Falcon - made of cardboard and broke after a month
  • Takes a long time to set AT-AT pieces up.
81%Overall Score
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18 Responses

  1. wendy rozema

    I would love to win this for my son, he loves angry birds star wars!

  2. Brittany Eaton

    Why we need this?..solely because my handsome 10 year old “step” son is a Star Wars FANATIC! We are talking dressed head to toe in it, including his under roo’s. I purchased him the starting set to the Angry Birds Star Wars this past Christmas, I never received a hug so huge in all my life! So, please please pick me so I can see his little face light up! 🙂

  3. Alisha Kostiuk

    I want to win because my boys have one and my nephews are begging and pleading for one also.

  4. Robert Loftus

    I love what Hasbro has been doing for the last 30 years. I will buy almost anything with Star Wars in the title. It’s great having kids, now I have an excuse to buy it without angering my wife. Sounds like a fun game & toys

  5. Lisa

    Who doesn’t need another Star Wars toy?? I love the aspect of this game in how you physically launch the birds! It looks to be hours of fun for kids and adults alike 🙂

  6. Michelle

    I need it cause hubby likes to take all my star wars stuff an the kids think only they deserve toys! So give it to this mama pretty plz and we all win! Thwy can play with it and promptly return it to me!

  7. Krista

    Because it’s something we would all play together as a family. All of us love Angry Birds, and we are all Star Wars fans! My hubby even has his toys from the original trilogy that he got when he was 7 or 8! This game would be a great addition to our Angry Birds and Star Wars collections!

  8. Jen

    My boys are obsessed with Angry Birds. They are 2 and 4 and know their way around my iPhone better than I do!

  9. Stormy

    My son is a huge Angry Birds fanatic and a huge Star Wars fanatic, and when he found out they combined the two, well, he was over the moon! He has actually been asking for the AT AT Attack Battle game since January.

  10. Kim C

    i NEED this because my son loves angry birds and star wars, i think if i was to give him this he would promise not to give me a hard time waking up in the morning for school anymore! (well, not really…but its worth a shot ..lol )

  11. Pippi

    I think you already know that I’m kinda retarded when it comes to Star Wars. I wrote a post about that and got blasted and unfollowed on Twitter for my unPC talk. Whatever. My eight-year-old son agrees. Why? Because I call Star Wars the “first movie,” when really, it’s like the fourth. Little does he know that back in 1977, I stood in a line that wrapped around the block, with all of the other kids in bell bottoms. I was THERE. Back when people could smoke in the movie theater! I know the main characters. I know Jar Jar Binks. I admit, he’s kinda cute. I know die-hard fans are like what a loser. OK, so I may be retarded and a loser when it comes to Star Wars trivia and plot specifics. However, my son is in the middle of building the Lego Death Star AND the Lego Millenium Falcon. He’s a Star Wars genius. One of his blankets is an original Star Wars blanket that my husband saved. Classic. Even if I’m not a Star Wars smarty pants, I can shell out the cash for the goods. Plus we just watched Fanboys last weekend. I’m not kidding. Oh and my husband wants the entire Star Wars set on Blu-Ray for Father’s Day, “so that we can watch as a family.” Did you know that it’s half off on Amazon? And don’t get me started on Angry Birds. I have the Star Wars Angry Birds app on my phone JUST for my son. How’s that for being a cool (but retarded) Mom?

    If you pick me, I can show all the boys in my family what a cool Mom I am. Plus, we need more spiky things on the floor to trip over. Win win.

    Oh and May the 4th be with you.


  12. Sean Leacy

    My 19mo old JUST started to enjoy playing this on my iPad and this would be a great excuse to… uhh… “show” him how to play it 🙂

    • diaper_dad

      Dear Lord…he’s 19 months already! (Makes sense, seeing as he was born shortly after my son.) But still, wow time flies doesn’t it??

  13. Jeneral Insanity

    My son (10) loves, loves, LOVES anything Star Wars or Angry Birds – which let’s be honest, who doesn’t?! I’ll tell you who. My 4yr old girl. I’ve been trying SO hard to get her into Star Wars. She enjoys playing Angry Birds (any of them) on my phone, and has just recently started asking about characters. I think a game like this would bring her to the dark side (aka: nerdville).
    Thanks for posting this! I loved your videos. You guys were both adorable!

    On a completely unrelated to this giveaway note; I LOVE that you’re trying to map out men’s rooms with changing tables in them. I’m very tempted to start checking them out in the Portland/Vancouver area to add to your list. Or at the very least, asking men as they come out of the restroom…

  14. Eric Boyette

    Hmm… let’s see, because Angry Birds Star Wars is awesome and I would love to have something to play with when my wife says, “lets put our phones away for a while and have some family time.”


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