So, Lee Jeans contacted me and wanted to know if I’d like to try some stuff out. So, I said, “Sure!”.

FTC Disclaimer – Lee Jeans provided me with product for this piece. The opinions are mine and my sons’, though.

Having two boys, I know two things. Their clothes have to be durable, and comfortable. If they aren’t durable, they don’t last. If they aren’t comfortable, they kids won’t wear them. Both options are a waste of money. And as a SAHD, I’m always thinking in terms of budgeting.

My boys, however, couldn’t care less. They want stuff that looks cool. And with school about to start, they have both been talking about ‘looking good’ for school. Seriously…I didn’t realize remember this starting this early!

At least until this happened...

At least until this happened…

So, we went on the website and picked through some options. The boys finally made their choices and then promptly asked when they were going to be here. Finally, the day arrived, and they tore into the box. My youngest was ready to pull his shorts off and change clothes right then.

Long story short, they love their clothes from Lee.

My oldest went with:



(From Lee’s site)

Whether he’s searching for the hidden treasure or discovering new, faraway lands, the Dungarees Explorer Cargo is his perfect (and stylish) accomplice for all his backyard adventures. Made from 100% cotton mini canvas, these lightweight cargos will hold up without weighing him down. He’ll have plenty of storage to house all his great finds with these cargos’ EIGHT pockets — including a super-secure zipper pocket for those extra special gems.

  • OVERALL FIT: Loose
  • RISE: Just below the waist (8 1/2″)
  • LEG: Straight (14″)
  • FEATURES: Sure-2-Fit
  • CLOSURE: Button, Snap, Zip-Fly
  • IMPORTED: Asia

Canvas: 100% Cotton
Printed Canvas: 100% Cotton

My youngest chose:



(From Lee’s site)

The Boardwalk short is constructed in a durable-yet-lightweight brushed cotton that he’ll love for the warmer months. Stylish pockets are paired with draw cords and an elastic waistband, so these shorts will have you loving their style and function!

  • OVERALL FIT: Relaxed
  • THIGH FIT: Regular
  • RISE: At the waist
  • LENGTH: At the knee (7″)
  • CLOSURE: Tie

100% Poplin


So, there’s the specs. And they look nice on the website, but how do they really stand up in person? Pretty good, I’d say!

I was originally going to save these until they started school next week, but the boys were having none of that noise. We went on vacation a couple of weeks ago, and they insisted we take their new cool clothes to Disney. So, we did. My oldest son loves the fact that he has so many pockets. He hasn’t used all of them, yet, but he loves that he has the option to! And I’m not going to lie, the pockets did come in handy while tromping around Disney.

My oldest son (6) is becoming a bit of a photographer. He loves my his camera but I usually get wrangled into carrying it. Which usually ends up with him asking for the camera, taking a picture, then giving it back to me only to ask for it a couple of minutes later. With his new cargo pants, he got to cart his camera around all day. So, yeah, I’m lovin’ that!

They were comfortable enough that he asked me for his camera and he did a double take when I reminded him that he was carrying it. He nodded and said, “Oh yeah!” before pulling it out for a couple of shots.

My youngest (4), rocked the boardwalk shorts because they had that super cool ‘hidden’ pocket on the front. You know, the one hidden by that black zipper on the front of the leg? Now, when we first washed them, the fabric did pucker a little around the zipper, but it wasn’t enough to make the shorts look bad or fit weird, so it hasn’t been an issue.

When asked, both of the boys gave very similar answers as to why they chose the items they chose. One of them even rolled his eyes before saying, “Because they look cool, dad!” And sometimes, that’s what matters most.

Lee-Dungaree-Boardwalk-Shorts-Captain Lee-Dungaree-Playtime Lee-Dungarees-Explorer-Cargo-Camo-Play

What do I like about them? Well, let me just preface this by saying that I have worn Lee Dungarees almost exclusively for the last 15 years. Not only do they fit well, but they are rugged. My boys are beginning the whole ‘blow the knees out of everything’ phase of boyhood. And if I’m going to spend good money on clothes, I want them to last.

It just seemed natural to introduce my boys to the joys of some Lee’s Dungarees!

Also, I’ve got another post coming about how Lee is helping me to define the “Official Uniform of Dads”!

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