It’s gotten out on the internet that I’m a bit of a bike guy. I know it has, because I’m the one who put it out there.

One thing I’ve learned over the last year of serious biking is that dryness is essential. Seriously, wet underwear leads to chafing. Chafing leads to pain. Pain leads to suffering. Suffering leads to the dark side. Hey, Yoda came up with it. I’m just agreeing with him.

So, when I was approached to be a #RussellDadlete I assumed it was just about the biking. I said, sure, I’ll give these skivvies a test drive. Oh, and for the whole FTC Disclaimer part before I forget: Yes, I was provided a couple pair of underwear to test drive. The opinions are mine and my nether region’s.

I noticed when I opened the box that they weren’t just talking about sporting. That dude is straight up dancing with a rock! Then, it made me think…What exactly makes me a Dadlete? Strap in and get ready. Because I’m going to show you!





And because it’s NATURE…there are sometimes THINGS YOU DIDN’T EXPECT!


After that, the family STILL wants to go out into Nature. Naturally…I TAKE THEM!


With this being Florida, staying dry is a must. Whether it’s fighting with nature…or WRANGLING HER AWESOME POWERS!


Yes, Matthew dropped a few drops of rain on us as he flew by. And sometimes, that leads to HOME REPAIR!


But it’s not all physical sweat you have to deal with. Sometimes, it’s stress sweat!




They can be a tough audience. Seriously, you haven’t lived until you’ve been ruthlessly heckled by an 8 yr old.

Sometimes, it’s stuff like realizing my kids are growing up…






And on those rare occasions the stars align…


Oh…and then there’s this:


Being a #RussellDadlete isn’t about sports. It’s about dadding as hard as you can in whatever way you can. I can say that I love the way these bad boys feel.


The wide stylish band was blissfully tagless! The fabric…keeps things where they are supposed to be. Nothing worse than something moving into a spot it’s not supposed to and then getting that something pinched against your leg and then trying to explain to your kids why are you are crying and trying not to barf…while they are laughing at you and you’re secretly waiting for the time when it happens to them. Oh, sorry, got carried away there.

Seriously, the only thing I had issue with was my thighs. Since I’ve started cycling my thigh muscles have grown. The band at the bottom was a bit tight around my thigh. Not a deal breaker, but it was noticeable. If you have larger thighs, then you might want to bump up a size larger.

Now, go out there and Dadlete your butt off! Your kids will thank you for it. 😀

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