Kids and sleep deprivation..AMIRIGHT?? I mean, what new parent hasn’t been so exhausted that they contemplated just eating the coffee grounds from the bag, because it would save time? I remember having dreams in which I was tired and desperate for a rest. It’s part of the package deal. And it never ends…

…or so I thought. (More on that shortly. But right now, I have to say something legal.)

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Okay, so here’s where I would crack a joke about ‘Now, where was I?’ because sleep deprivation had my head all foggy. But I’m not going there.

Nope. I’m not even going to try to convince you that I am The King of Rest…because I totally am. No need to convince someone of a fact, amiright?? (But, no, really, I could totally win a mattress out of the deal. You should totally proclaim me #KingOfRest!)

Seriously, though, I am the #KingOfRest. Go ahead and start searching that hashtag. You’ll see plenty of impostors, but no one can match my grasp of getting the rest I so richly need. Here’s just a taste of what I’m talking about.

The importance of getting a good rest has not been lost on my son. The #PrinceOfRest! 😀

There’s more, but you get the idea. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. But, I wasn’t always the King of Rest. No, I was the Duke of Yawnsylvania, if anything. The sleep deprivation started with the first one being born and it just snowballed over the next couple of years. Coffee and I became bestest buddies!

Ever have one of these days?

King of Rest - Coffee Before Having Coffee

This was literally me, for ages. And I didn’t make it any better! I was drinking so much coffee that I almost damaged the nerves in my arm. Wish I was making it up…

Then, I got diagnosed with ADHD. My life was spiraling down fast and I was NOT enjoying being a dad at all. Well, there were moments that I loved it. But the drive home from getting my boys from preschool were a rolling hell. They talked non-stop. They asked questions non-stop. They chattered. They…were just being kids.

I couldn’t handle it. I know on more than one occasion, I yelled at them on the way home for no other reason than I was over-stimulated and couldn’t take anymore. I was able to get the boys to be quieter if I told them I had a headache. Unfortunately, that became a regular thing and my oldest son got worried about me because my head always hurt.

Oh, and my psychiatrist, the one who diagnosed my ADHD, was CONSTANTLY asking me about my sleep. She’d ask how much caffeine I was taking in. When I told her, she would click her teeth and say I needed to cut some of that out of my day. Pfft…whatever. If I cut out the caffeine, I’d go comatose! Also, she told me I wasn’t getting enough sleep. For some reason, 4 hours a day wasn’t enough for her. Quack.

Things came to a head about a year ago. I had been reading about the effects of sleep deprivation and I was pegging a TON of the side effects! So, I decided to sleep more. And it didn’t work. Well, at first. It took me slowly training my brain to go to sleep in the wee hours of the morning, instead of waking up to get some writing done. Oh, and we totally bought a new bed.

Our old bed was just that. Old. Pretty sure it was sold back when Methuselah was a teenager. I didn’t realize how bad it was until we got a nicer mattress. Man, it made A TON OF DIFFERENCE! Now, I’m proud to say that I sleep anywhere from 7-8 hours a night, I cut the caffeine down, and my ADHD is under control without medication.

My sons have both made comments about how I don’t bark at them as much as I used to. I get more hugs from my youngest son. (He’s very responsive to emotions.) Our bed is huge and comfy, and during the day is sort of a hub of family activity. The boys go in and play together on the bed. We have afternoon cuddle parties. And, sometimes, naps happen.

Getting more rest, really is a lifestyle choice. It’s counter-intuitive, but I get more done with less hours in my day. Because, sleep!

So, yeah. Becoming the King Of Rest has made me a better dad! Also, I feel better. Who knew??

Well, besides my psychiatrist. 😀

Yes, I know exactly what you’re thinking!

But, Scotty, my mattress is horrible!

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