Father’s Day is coming. And when it gets here, you can give it an awesome start by changing things up. But don’t wake dad up with a tie. Please.

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There, now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business.


It’s the jumpstart every day needs. Father’s Day is no different. So, why not change things up a bit? Get exotic! It’s easier than you think. Now, I’m not going to say I’m a coffee snob or anything, but I’ve been around a cup or two over the years. I know my way around the brew. But, there are a few things I hadn’t tried yet. Not until recently, that is. And I want to share what I’ve learned!

A week ago, I got sent a package of Folgers® Coffeehouse Blend. It’s a medium-dark roast and it’s amazingly versatile!


So, without further ado, come with me to Cafe….Dad…Place…




I know what you’re thinking, your jour is only bon when you’ve had a cup of joe. I get it. So that’s why I’m about to introduce you to some types of coffee that you might not have thought of yet! Seriously, when we’re done here, you’ll be drinking some new types of coffee without breaking the bank or having to wait in a long line of hipsters who seem to speak their own language.

Enough of that, let the experience begin!

First up, we have Cold Brew coffee. It’s all the rage right now. But, seriously, what does it even mean? It means you’re brewing your coffee at room temperature! And, yes, before you ask, it takes longer. But, what you end up with is a milder cup of coffee. Cold brewing cuts the acidity, which some people have an aversion to.

How do we make it? Easy!

Get yourself a large enough container. Then add some coffee and water and let the magic happen.



1/3 C. Folgers Coffeehouse Blend

1 1/2 C. Cold Water

Let sit overnight. Once the coffee is done, you’re going to pour your mixture through a coffee filter. This is concentrated coffee, to be diluted to what ever strength you enjoy your brew.


A scant 12 hours later, we were enjoying some nice iced coffee! And if you’re not into iced coffee, you can use boiling water to dilute your concentrate to get the perfect steamy cup. But, living in Florida…I’m more partial to the iced coffee route!

That’s one way. But there are others! The pros for cold brew is that it doesn’t require a ton of special equipment to brew. The cons are that you have to prepare your coffee like 12 hours in advance (or longer, I’ve seen some recipes sit for 24 hours).

So, if you like your coffee a little faster, but still want to go the gourmet route, then French Press is for you! You can get a basic French Press for about 10 bucks. It won’t make a TON of coffee, but that also allows you to really craft each cup individually.



3 TBS. Folgers Coffeehouse Blend

12 Oz of Almost boiling water

Push plunger up and down a few times to help mix the coffee in. Let steep for 4 minutes, or slightly longer if you like your coffee a bit more bitter. But not too long!



And now you’ve got a rich cup of coffee!

But again, I like mine iced, so I let it sit to cool for a few minutes, then pour over ice.


Now, I know what you’re thinking, “DUDE, WHERE IS THE GOURMET STUFF???”

Oh, it’s coming. This is a darn tasty Caramel-Macchi-Latte-ccino!

Or something like that.

First, you get yourself some of that tasty French Press action going on. Just as it’s finished steeping, scoop yourself some dulce de leche ice cream into your cup, then pour your coffee over it. You will not be disappointed. Unless, you hate caramel and ice cream and coffee…then you probably quit reading like 6 minutes ago.

Feast your eyes!


This is the ultimate in dessert coffee.

Does that special dad like pour-over? You can totally do that too! Also, it now comes in Keurig pods. Drink it hot, cold (room temperature if your kids are young) it doesn’t matter!

For this Father’s Day, give him the jump start to an awesome day in an awesome way. Because we all know the best part of waking up is getting to the bottom of that first cup. #ShouldBeOnACoffeeMug 😀

To learn more about Folgers Coffeehouse Blend go to their site: www.folgerscoffee.com/coffeehouse-blends


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