Getting into the Christmas spirit can be a little challenging in Florida. It just doesn’t get very cold. In fact, I’m writing this sitting outside wearing shorts and a tshirt whilst sipping an iced beverage. So, what can you do to get into the spirit? I like looking at lights. Lots and lots of Christmas lights.

Back when we lived in Austin, it would get cold and we’d go run through the Trail of Lights and spin under the giant Christmas tree in Zilker park. That was enough to jumpstart the season! But, when we moved to Florida…things changed. It’s warm. There’s no need to drink hot chocolate or spiced cider, unless you enjoy sweating. For the last few years, we’ve been searching for a place to get our ‘light on’ as it were.

Last year we went to Sea World and got a nice light fix! Not wanting to drive to Orlando this year, I was stuck. Then Busch Gardens announced that Christmas Town was going to be part of park admission this year. I thought, well, that’s new! So, we procured the tickets and gave them a visit. And as luck would have it…IT WAS PRETTY CHILLY THAT NIGHT! I’m not going to write a lot here, it’s just a pictorial trek through the park after dark. The boys were more excited than I’ve ever seen them before.

Sit back and enjoy the pics!

UPDATE: I’ve added two videos near the bottom of the page…because there were a couple of things that pictures just don’t do justice.

Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Main-Entrance Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Main-Entrance-Wrapped-PalmsBusch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Archways Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Alligator-Pit-2Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Alligator-Pit Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Big-Tree-Medium-ShotBusch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Big-Tree Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Big-Tree-Base-Boys Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Big-Tree-Base-Family Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Big-Tree-Looking-Up  Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Blue-Tree Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Candy-Cane-Tree   Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Flamingo-Paradis-4 Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Flamingo-Paradise Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Flamingo-Paradise-2 Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Flamingo-Paradise-3 Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Flamingo-Paradise-5

Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Florida-Snow-Storm Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Jingle-Bell-Junction Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Jingle-Bell-Junction-The-Conductorettes Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Jingle-Bell-Junction-Tiny-Train-1 Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Jingle-Bell-Junction-Tiny-Train-Depot Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Jingle-Bell-Junction-Tiny-Trains-2 Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Lit-Stage Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Main-Bazaar Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Main-Bazaar-2

Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Poinsettia-Princess Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Poinsettia-Princess-2 Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Poinsettia-Princess-3 Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Poinsettia-Princess-4

Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Retro-Billboard Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Retro-Billboard-2 Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Sesame-Place-Furry-Christmas Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Sesame-Place-Main-Plaza Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Sesame-Place-Tree-Closeup Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Sesame-Place-Tree-Super-Closeup Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Sesame-Place-Walkway Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Sesame-Place-Walkway-2

Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Exit-Waiting-for-the-Tram Busch-Gardens-Christmas-Town-Lights-Exit-Waiting-for-the-Tram-2


We got back to the car, both boys were exhausted and sleeping in minutes. They talked about the lights all the next day…non-stop! They liked it so much, we bought season passes to Busch Gardens and Sea World next year.

FTC Disclaimer: I was provided park admission for this post. All opinions, images, etc are mine or my families. 

This ends my Ambassadorship with Busch Gardens, but I’ll probably be posting updates on the animal happenings etc, as they come across my email list.

Mostly because we just love the animals. 😀

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