Over the last week, I’ve been seeing this Dad Bod thing happening, and I have to admit, it’s pretty nice. If you’re not familiar with Dad Bod, learn directly from the source.

If you didn’t click the link (shame on you), that’s okay…here’s the tl;dr

Mildly chubby, nay shall I say doughy guys are in! Let’s celebrate the average! I mean, seriously, because I have like -2 hours left at the end of the day. The gym? Not. Going. To. Happen.

So, while I’ve been sitting here watching the ‘Dad Bod’ thing happening, it struck me.


Seriously. I’m not even joking around here. Do you have any idea how many articles are dedicated specifically with getting women back to their pre-baby bodies? I’m just going to take a stab and say like a billion! (Don’t blame me, I get my estimation skills from this guy.) Why? Do people really find a woman’s body gross after having a kid?

I’ve heard women talking about not wanting kids because it will, and I quote “…destroy my body.” or not want to breastfeed because it will “…wreck my boobs.” Well, my wife has had two kids and I love her body. It wasn’t destroyed. There were no bits of viscera dripping from the walls as my alien children clawed their way out of her. She breastfed both of them and her boobs weren’t transformed into something that looks like The Hulk freaked out on a mountain of Play-Do. Nope. In fact, they are just as attractive to me now as they were the day we met.

Maybe a little more.

See, when I see my wife’s body, post babies, I see that it has changed. And those changes are a physical sign of sacrificial love that fills me with awe. Stretchmarks? Yep, she’s got ’em. Do I care? Not one bit. Why? Because she’s rockin’ the Mom Bod. Yes, it’s saggier than it used to be. Yes, her boobs aren’t what they used to be. That’s nature, baby! Gravity, children, putting up with a husband’s endless shenanigans…they all conspire to change a woman’s body.

My wife’s body is a roadmap of love, dedication, self-sacrifice, and devotion. And I love it.

So, let’s hear some love for the Mom Bod!

Rock those stretchmarks! Tummy a bit saggy? WHO CARES? Rock it! Got some extra love in the love handles? Awesome!

Hell, even if you hit the gym and worked your way back to where you wanted to be, that’s great too!

Why? Because, you should feel comfortable in your own skin. You’re a mom. You’ve got the bod. Just go out there and be beautiful in it. Because, double standards are for jerks and A-holes. If we celebrate Dad Bod, then let’s get Mom Bod on board!

So, what can we do to bring some much needed love to the Mom Bod? Hashtag.

Yes, get on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and use this hashtag #RockingTheMomBod

Because you deserve it.

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