So, for the last twenty years or so, dads have been on decline in tv, movies, and commercials. They have either disappeared altogether like in the commercials run by P&G around Olympic time. They are bumbling idiots like in ‘Malcolm in the Middle’. Or, they are incompetent and always being raged on by their spouses like Raymond in ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’. They really should have called that ‘Everybody Loves Raymond Except for His Wife’. And don’t even get me started on Al Bundy. Ever seen one of those SomeEcards floating around facebook that’s been nice to dads?

There’s a ton of other references, but I’ll save you the time of listing them. Instead, I’m going to say, I love it!

I love that dads aren’t stepping up in tv shows, commercials, and the like. Why? Because it just makes me look AWESOME!

Seriously! This weekend, I whipped up a batch of homemade buttermilk biscuits because I was tired of buying the canned ones. I make pancakes from scratch. I am a wizard in the kitchen when a rotisserie chicken is involved! I don’t buy spaghetti sauce from a jar unless it’s an emergency and I make my own pizzas.

I’m handy. When something breaks around the house, I have the skills and know-how to fix almost anything! Changing light fixtures? Done it. Ceiling fans? BAM. Painting? I’m a decorating fool!

Which brings me to this: I can also create art out of next to nothing! Give me a few minutes in a clearance bin at Pier 1 or in the random aisles at Ross’s and I will come up with something to use to make art. I also painted murals in both of my sons’ rooms. They go from floor to ceiling. And speaking of my sons…

Take care of the kids? Hells yeah! I can whip up a kid-friendly meal in no time flat, replete with menus and placemats. When it comes to diaper changes, NASCAR WISHED their pit crews were as fast as I am. I crawl on the floor. I do puzzles. I build forts out of sheets, chairs, couches etc…

Take care of my wife? I make sure she gets one night a week to go hang out with her friends. No kids. No husband. Just some grown-up time away from the fray. And when both of our sons were babies, who do you think got up with them every single night? Me. Because I wanted to give mama a chance to get some sleep.

I am a veritable Renaissance Man!

And I’m not that special. See, I know hundreds of dads who are out there in the trenches every single day, fighting to keep their family sane, safe, happy, and thriving. And those are just the hundreds who are also blogging about it. In my personal circle, every single dad I know steps up and does his thing. Yeah, some are better at it than others, and face it, I fall down on my face A LOT. For every thing I’m awesome at, there’s a couple more that could use some work. But, the thing is…these dads are THERE. They are involved. They are taking active roles in their kids’ lives.

And that’s something pop culture doesn’t portray very often. And I’m okay with that. Because, for every deadbeat on tv, or absent father in a commercial, or bumbling idiot fumbling around life…there’s a thousand dads who are knocking it out of the park. EACH. AND. EVERY. DAY.

I’m just proud to be one of them.



Like the idea about menus and placemats? Check out my friend Christ Routly over at Daddy Doctrines. He also did a pretty snazzy write-up regarding the lack o’ daddies in the P&G commercials.

How do dads fare in commercials now? You might be surprised. The gents at 8-Bit Dad did an EXHAUSTIVE study of tv commercials in 2013 to see where dads stack up.

Dads who cook? I’m good in the kitchen…but this dude is amazing: The Cook at Home Dad

Handy dads helping non-handy dads get handier? Yep, the crew over at dadand bring cool projects and DIY stuff all the time!

Seriously, there is NO lack of places to look and find great dads. I’m going to list off several blogs below, and ALL of them are awesome and deserve serious traffic. Please go and check them out. You won’t find anyone show-boating or trying to make themselves into something they aren’t. They are just real dudes being real dads.


How to Be a Dad

Designer Daddy

A Blogger and a Father

Honea Express

Dad of Divas (They even put me into the limelight! What were they thinking?)

Communities of Dad Bloggers:

Life of Dad

Dads Roundtable

These are all men that I deal with on a daily or weekly level. They are all stand-up dudes who are passionate about their families. So, yeah, I don’t really care what Hollywood thinks of me or my life…I know what really matters.


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  1. Dashing Dad

    Awesome post, and spot on! I have to say that being able to cook, clean, and take care of the kids makes me look awesome in the eyes of most people. Even the haters saying that I do “women’s work” are just jealous. The more the world perceives dads as bumbling idiots, the better we look.

  2. Nick

    I’ve gotta say, it feels really good when my wife tells me how awesome I am, and I can just brush it off: “No, dear, I’m just being a dad,” I tell her. Truth is, I love doing those things, and she and the kids love having them done. Everybody wins! It’s when my dad, you know, the father of yester-year tells me what a good job he thinks I’m doing (It’s not how he got involved) that things really get turned up a notch, cause how do you tell your dad: “Nah, I’m just being a dad”?

    • diaper_dad

      Living the same thing. I’m just glad mine was as much of a dad as he was. He got involved in the way his generation did. And he worked his butt off doing it. But it’s amazing how different the styles have become.

  3. Jeff Stephens

    Love this post! I too take pride in the fact I can handle any and everything in the house (well at least most things). It’s quite amazing how they continue to portray dads as buffoons in the media. But, like you said, makes our job of impressing our families just that more attainable.

  4. Mike

    FINALLY, a “dad blogger” who isn’t hell bent on reparations for reverse gender role discrimination. So tiring, the lot. I’m with you. Who CARES?

  5. jman

    lol! you know…when you put it that way…it makes a lot of sense.

    maybe more people should think on all stereotypes that way!


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