Here we are with the ‘Daily Spam’. This is where I take one spam comment and reply to it. While I would prefer that most comments range on parenting, being a dad, having kids etc…sometimes you just can’t ignore the impassioned pleas of your readers.

Today, I got a comment from обратный осмос whose name translates as Reverse Osmosis. Now, I guess they even have hippies in Russia. Anyway, he just stopped by to tell me this:

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Wow. Okay, I’m not going to call you Reverse Osmosis…so how about I just call you Ocmoc. Well first off Ocmoc, thanks to be checking out this submit! I must insist you suggest you intriguing things! Blueprints are a necessity for the future time to being at liberties! I tried develop blueprints for the past time for cheap handbags rolex rolex rolex watches but failed to produce the adequate angles for reentry! I will most certain posting subsequent talkings for this article for us to study many more things about! Hoping this to help you much for discuss coworkers and blueprints!

Thanks for reading DadsWhoChangeDiapers!


Join us tomorrow when CheapNFLJerseysVIAGRAVIAGRAWatches asks about something in Korean! (Or not…we’ll see what the spam filter dredges up for us.)

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