Diaper Dad Toy Lab Month of Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker
  • Lightsaber is super cool
  • Detail on the sculpt
  • Few points of articulation
  • Can't stand right with backpack on
  • Hand isn't detachable...
95%Overall Score
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FTC Disclaimer: Hasbro sent us toys. We’re reviewing them. The opinions are mine and my sons’. There, now let’s talk about everyone’s favorite soon-to-be one-handed Jedi!

Video, then pics and review after the break!

Here are a few detail shots. I’m still figuring out my new camera, so the shots aren’t as great as I’d hoped, but here they are.

Clicken to embiggen!
Month-of-Star-Wars-ESB-Luke-Skywalker Month-of-Star-Wars-ESB-Luke-Skywalker-Boots  Month-of-Star-Wars-ESB-Luke-Skywalker-Saber-ClawMonth-of-Star-Wars-ESB-Luke-Skywalker-Hunchback-pack

The sculpt isn’t terrible. Sure, there’s some excess flash around his seems, but not a distracting amount. The paint job is solid. But, as you can see Luke suffers from early onset arthritis! His fingers are posed for a blaster, but form a claw when he holds the lightsaber. Also, the only way you can get him stand with that backpack on is if he’s hunched over.

Overall, though, he’s a solid starter figure for someone who is just getting into action figures or has outgrown the Playskool versions of toys. He’s limited in his movement, but that also means he won’t break a leg when a younger kid tries to bend his knee the wrong way. (Speaking from experience on that one.)

Also, it’s a tad morbid, but I really do think his hand should have been detachable. I’m horrible, I know.

Great starter piece, but not for the more advanced collector or player-wither.

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