Diaper Dad Toy Lab Month of Star Wars – Star Wars Mashers
  • Encourages creative play.
  • All sets (Star Wars, Marvel, etc.) connect together.
  • Lots of different styles to choose from.
  • Some joints can be harder for small fingers.
  • Hip joints can break if too rough with them.
  • Need multiple sets to get full effects.
95%Overall Score
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Welcome back! Today we’ll be talking about one of our all-time favorite toy lines “MASHERS”! 

FTC Disclaimer: Hasbro sent us a box o’ Star Wars toys to review. The comments and opinions contained herein are all mine or my sons’.


And now on to some pictures!

Diaper-Dad-Toy-Lab-Star-Wars-Edition-Star-Wars-Mashers---Side-of-Box Diaper-Dad-Toy-Lab-Star-Wars-Edition-Star-Wars-Mashers-Chewbacca Diaper-Dad-Toy-Lab-Star-Wars-Edition-Star-Wars-Mashers-Chewbacca-Face-Detail Diaper-Dad-Toy-Lab-Star-Wars-Edition-Star-Wars-Mashers-Chewbacca-Bowcaster-Detail Diaper-Dad-Toy-Lab-Star-Wars-Edition-Star-Wars-Mashers-Chewbacca-Foot-Detail Diaper-Dad-Toy-Lab-Star-Wars-Edition-Star-Wars-Mashers-Ackbar-DetailDiaper-Dad-Toy-Lab-Star-Wars-Edition-Star-Wars-Mashers-Ackbar-Gun-Hand Diaper-Dad-Toy-Lab-Star-Wars-Edition-Star-Wars-Mashers-Ackbar-Head-Detail Diaper-Dad-Toy-Lab-Star-Wars-Edition-Star-Wars-Mashers-Ackbar-Face-Detail Diaper-Dad-Toy-Lab-Star-Wars-Edition-Star-Wars-Mashers-Ackbar-Arm-Detail  Diaper-Dad-Toy-Lab-Star-Wars-Edition-Star-Wars-Mashers-Other-Models


As for this house, we LOVE Hero Mashers. We’ve played with the Marvel Super Hero Mashers. We’ve played with the Dino Mashers. Now, we’re adding Star Wars to the mix! And, honestly, you just haven’t lived until you see Chewbacca with raptor legs and Hulk arms.

But, seriously, the boys have had hours and hours of fun playing with these toys. And the more that you get, the more creative they become! Some of the joints can be difficult for younger hands to navigate, but older kids shouldn’t have a problem. Each body part connects with any other body part, which means that you can put a leg where the head would go, or an arm on a leg etc. Each part also has a hole in it so that you can attach any variety of accessories that come in various sets.

For this review, we got Chewbacca and Admiral Ackbar. (Ackbar always looked more like a future space doctor than an admiral. Which makes me wonder if that’s where Zoidberg came from…but, I digress.) Ackbar, being from Mon Calamari (subtlety is NOT one of Lucas’ strong points) has crab-like hands, and the sculpt really plays to that feature. Chewbacca being covered in fur, is a more detailed sculpt. I was wondering how they were going to handle joint overlap because of his long hair. They did it perfectly. Each part is still individual and doesn’t look weird when put all together.

I really can’t recommend these toys enough. Yes, I know some people who aren’t as fond of them, but my kids are just crazy about them. One thing that you might run into, is that the hip joints can break if the kiddo is too rough with them. As I mentioned in the video, you can email Hasbro about it, and they should take care of you. Our Hulk broke a hip, and they were more than accommodating to us.

Join us Wednesday for another video!

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