Diaper Dad Toy Lab Month of Star Wars - Star Wars Rebels Micro-Machines!
  • Inexpensive
  • No moving parts!
  • Star Wars!
  • Get lost easier
  • Hurt when you step on them
  • Choking hazard for babies!
99%Overall Score
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Hasbro sent us a box o’ goodies to ring in the New Year, so we decided to make January the “Month of Star Wars”! They gave us the toys, the opinions, however are all mine and/or my sons’.

First up, they sent us a couple of packages of Micro-Machines! These are based on the Star Wars Rebels show. After the video, there’s some close-up pictures and a review!


And now, some of those pictures I promised! (Click to embiggen!)

Star-Wars-Rebels-Micro-Machines-Ghost Star-Wars-Rebels-Micro-Machines-Inquisitor-Vs-Kanan-Jarrus

My camera went hanky on me, so I got a couple of decent shots out of the 20 I shot. I may do another photoshoot and post those at a later date.

The review!

My boys love these. Even though they are smaller than the other ships and figures they have, they don’t even care. Their imaginations are in full-effect when they are playing with these. Still not sure they’ve even re-created a single actual scene from any movie or cartoon they have seen! As far as toys go, these are relatively inexpensive. And in a pack like this, you can get enough vehicles to actually play out some scenes! They don’t have any moving parts and as such, are much more durable. The only reason I didn’t give it a 100 on the durability is solely because the lightsabers and guns can bend easy.

They ARE small! These are Micro Machines. So, if you have a baby in the house, might want to steer clear of these. They can be a pretty bad choking hazard for anyone who is prone to putting things in their mouth. Also, they feel sort of like a lego when you step on them. So, be prepared for that.

Otherwise, we love ’em!

Stay tuned, for our next episode on the MONTH OF STAR WARS!!!!

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