Fort Boards Might Just Be My Favorite Thing of 2016!
  • Intuitive design
  • Boxes are perfect for putting them away!
  • Hours and Hours of fun ahead!
  • The Design Boards have a white back, that is not dry-erase.
  • Some of the designs are better for smaller kids.
  • They didn't have these when I was growing up.
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So, I got an email from a company claiming – “With Fort Boards, kids can build and play in their own custom forts. Indoors or outside, the possibilities are as endless as their imagination.” We put them to the test.

FTC Disclosure: We were supplied with Fort Boards for this review. The opinions, though, are mine and my sons’.

The box arrived and the boys were already champing at the bit to give them a test drive. Yes, I had shown them the website ahead of time. I just didn’t think it would get them so excited!

Look what was just delivered to my house! #FortBoards Review coming soon…and a contest! #spon

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Each box comes with 44 Boards (8″ x 8″) and 46 Connectors.

They sent us two sets as well as the optional Design Cards. (More on those later.)

This little guy is super excited for an afternoon of building and family fun! #FortBoards. #spon

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The box hadn’t even been open for more than a few minutes before they started building right away. Which speaks to the intuitive nature of the boards’ design.

The phone rang and during the 30 minutes I was on a call, the 6 and 4 yr old made something pretty awesome!

Proud builders of their new cabin. #FortBoards #spon

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This was built with no plans, or without actually reading the directions yet. Pure child enthusiasm put this thing together. Next, we took the plans and added the Design Boards into the mix.

The inside of our #FortBoards fort. We're about to stand it up. #spon

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And, yes, when you let your 6 yr old design your cabin, you get wooden walls and a rock roof. 😀

After it stopped being their house, it because a restaurant for their stuffed animals to eat at. Then, it was transformed into a Video Game Fort…who knew?

Now, onto the Design Cards. These things are great. They have three patterns, wood, stone and metal. If you flip them over, the backs are white which allows you or your kids to draw on them or design something to your whims! The only downside to the white back is that it’s not varnished like the other side, so any marks you make that aren’t in pencil, are permanent. I’d like to see the Design Cards with a varnish coating that would help make them dry erase. Minor nitpick, really, though.

UPDATE: Fort Boards just contacted me and said that they were actually looking into making the back of the Design Cards dry erasable!

What better place to play video games than inside your fort! #FortBoards #spon

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We got a little more adventurous and followed the directions and in about 10 minutes, we built a car!

This car went from being a jeep, to a monster truck, to a truck used to hunt monsters (AKA Battle Truck), to what I’m pretty sure was the Helicarrier from the Avengers at one point.

Here’s a time lapse of the car build:

I love these things!!!!

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We have more build videos coming, so check back. Also, next week I’ll be announcing a contest to win your very own set of Fort Boards!

Stay tuned. 😀

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