GeoSafari Jr. SubScope! It's as fun as it sounds...
Replay Value90%
  • Inspires Kids to Learn About Their Surroundings
  • Doubles as a Cool Bath Toy
  • Who Doesn't Like Looking Underwater?
  • The Seal Isn't 100% Watertight
  • Batteries Not Included
90%Overall Score
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Summer is in full-swing and the boys have been playing in the water a lot! So, I was more than happy when I got the opportunity to check out the GeoSafari Jr. SubScope.

FTC Disclaimer: We were provided a GeoSafari Jr. SubScope to review. The opinions are mine and my sons’. 

I’m just going to jump into this review by saying that my kids had so much fun using this. We took it to a neighbor’s swimming pool and every kid there wanted a turn at using the SubScope to see things at the bottom of the pool. The boys took it to the beach on several occasions to see if they could find some cool shells or see some fish swimming around by their feet.


The body is a mostly-waterproof housing (more on this in a minute) that has a binocular type eyepiece and a single lens at the bottom, giving the user a 2X magnification boost. So, that’s a bonus! The eyepiece has a soft rubber flange that blocks against light getting in and ruining your view. It’s great for smaller hands and it floats!

Bonus feature: It also has an LED light for those times you need a little more illumination of what you’re looking at. It works great for the pool or the beach. The only real problem at the beach is making sure that you put it up ABOVE the surf line when you’re done playing with it. Otherwise, the waves WILL take it away from you.


It says that you can see underwater without getting wet. And I’m sure you can! But my boys just don’t believe in that philosophy at all.


They also liked it in the pool!



I managed to get a shot from my phone through one of the eyepieces. That is the drain at the bottom of the pool with one of those toss and find toys sitting next to it.


Now, remember earlier when I said it was a MOSTLY water tight casing? As it turns out, over time a little bit of water can get into the sub. It was on our third or fourth trip to the beach that I noticed it. The main lens had some fogging on it. It was a little frustrating, but over time, the fogging will dissipate as the water inside evaporates. This is also noted in the instruction book that comes with the sub.

All in all, it was a solid toy, and the boys have expressed an interest in some of the other GeoSafari Jr. toys in the line. Looks like a trip to Amazon is in order!


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