Guys, I have invented a new word! SNACKTIVISM! Stop booing, and hear what made me think of it. 

A few days ago, I got an invite to go to a food truck event. I normally stay away from stuff like that, not because I don’t like food, but rather because my family isn’t usually invited as well. And, I’d feel bad dumping the kids on the wife after she’s worked all day. (Not that I NEVER do that…just not very often.)

But this one was different. It was called Give & Grub. Guys, this is revolutionary! Will it change the face of the world? Probably not. But it WILL get some people fed. (More on that in a moment.)

First, though, I want to talk about how I GOT FED. FTC disclosure: I got fed and a box o’ swag for this event. But, the opinions contained within are mine and my son’s. 

We showed up at the Amelie Arena and there, in all its glory was the Give & Grub food truck. But first, my son had to take a picture with Thunderbug. You know, because priorities!


Getting amped at #GiveandGrub. As you can see, my son is very shy.

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Here’s a side note. All of the instagram photos in this post were taken by me. The rest of them, by my 5 yr old son. He took to the food table and shot like a pro. He might need to start his own blog… Here’s their menu as shot in 16 seconds. Just as a side note, it’s hard to walk, film, read and watch the timer at the same time. That having been said, I think I did pretty well!  

Here’s a quick breakdown of some amazing looking food here at #GiveandGrub! A video posted by Scotty (@diaperdad) on

After I got the video, my little photographer jumped in line and started taking his own shots of the food.


Proof that he’s taking the photos? I took a picture of him taking THIS picture!

Most people don’t know that my son does a lot of the photography on my blog. #GiveandGrub

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I know, you didn’t come here to read about my son taking pictures. I’m just so proud of him. Now, onto the food pics! (More about the mission, later. I promise.)


HEDMAN’S STEAK TACOS – Skirt Steak, Purple Cabbage, Chipotle Glaze, Roasted Corn Pico de Gallo, Tijuana Rice and Plantains (These were a hit.)


SLAPSHOT CHICKEN SALAD – Herb-Roasted Chicken, Cranberries, Roasted Beets, Sugared Walnuts, Fuji Apple Vinaigrette and Baby Greens


BISHOP BOWL (BLACKENED SHRIMP -OR- TOFU) – Roasted Peppers, Saffron Red Beans, Mango and Yellow Rice


HAT TRICK CHICKEN SLIDERS – Slow-Smoked Chicken, Housemade Pickles and Southern Coleslaw on Bavarian Rolls

We have to resort to a stock photo here, as we missed a shot at this one. Ironic, as it was his favorite dish on the table. (For good reason!)


CALLAHAN’S MAC SLAM – Seared Kielbasa, Caramelized Peppers and Onions, Cavatappi and Creamy Boursin

The next two items were my son’s favorite dishes to photograph. I pulled the best two images of each item because they were just so good I couldn’t choose which to keep.


COOPER’S CANDIED BURGER – Roasted Red Peppers, Candied Jalapeños and Cotija Cheese on a Pumpernickel Bun

  He REALLY wanted to try this one. Alas, it wasn’t on the menu for the evening. I thought the burger looked okay…until he found the perfect angle. The grilled peppers, the melty cheese, the…majesty of it. I WANT THIS BURGER!


Seriously, look at that MELTY CHEESY GOODNESS OF IT ALL! *Whew* Did it get hot in here…or is it just me?


CHICKEN PARMKOS – Breaded Chicken, Housemade Marinara, Hero Roll and Aged Parmesan


After this shot, he had to break away and show it to me immediately. I can see why he liked this sandwich so much!

Also, there was a mystery item on the table. It was presented to us for the first time. And it’s going to be a new item on the menu. But, it needs a name first. So, everyone put their suggestions in the hat. I’ll have to keep checking back to see which name won. Here it is. It’s a Philly-Style Cheesesteak, but with smoke gouda as the cheese. Also, the sweet potato waffle-cut fries aren’t savory, they are sweet. They have a cream sauce and caramel drizzle over them. I, honestly, thought they were going to suck. I do NOT like sweet sweet potato fries. I like ’em spicy. These were amazing. But, wait until after you finish off the sandwich. They don’t mix as well. Give-and-Grub-MYSTERY-DISH-UNVEILED   Here’s a shot of the box of samples we got. I’d love to be able to tell you all about how awesome the Mac and Cheese was, but my son ate all of his, and most of mine. The rest of it was awesome, though!

Bout to tear into this box o’ grub. #GiveandGrub A photo posted by Scotty (@diaperdad) on

This is the main reason I was at the event:


#GiveandGrub family shot. 😀

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I know what you’re thinking!

Why is This Dude’s Son the Reason He’s There?

Short answer, he’s got a giving heart. Long answer, he’s got a giving heart and has a passionate need to try to make sure people have food to eat. Whenever Feed the Bay happens, he makes sure we hit the grocery store. Whenever Family Promise needs something…he makes sure we try to help them out with whatever it is. The other day, we were going somewhere. We drove past a homeless man with a sign. He said, “Daddy, can we pull over and give this man some food? I still have some of my lunch leftover from school. He’d probably like my apple slices.” If we hadn’t been on such a tight schedule, I would have done just that. He’s that little voice that constantly reminds me that it’s my job to help the world…in whatever way that is. Today, it was going to an event I normally might have passed on. Why? Because Give & Grub is so cool, I had to learn more about it. They aren’t just a food truck. They are a food truck on a mission. And it’s an easy mission to explain. For every meal you purchase, they donate one meal to someone hungry. For every #GiveandGrub hashtag you use, they donate a meal to someone hungry. Did you know that there are over 700,000 food dependent people in the Tampa Bay area? Did you know that a quarter of a million are kids? Yeah. I can’t imagine my sons going hungry, and he can’t imagine that people don’t have access to food. So, you can get some Grub and Give at the same time! You cannot beat that. The food is cooked up all healthy (The Laser Spine Institute being a partner sort of demanded it.) so, the food will make you feel good, knowing that you helped fill up a backpack for a hungry kid should make you feel even better. Here’s where you can find the food truck: Find the Grub Now, go out and get your grub on! SNACKTIVISM! (See? I told you it was a good word!) For more details go to Want to chat with the team? Facebook: GiveAndGrub Twitter: GiveAndGrub Instagram: GiveAndGrub Pinterest: GiveAndGrub Tell ’em DiaperDad sent you! Also, don’t forget the hashtag #GiveAndGrub   You’re still here? Well, here’s your present. I asked my son what he thought of Give & Grub. While his answer was fueled by a full belly and a case of the sleepies…it’s about as honest as it gets.  

Wrapping up here at #GiveandGrub. Awesome organization. Awesome cause. Awesome food.

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  1. Crystal H

    Meeting your son was one of my favorite parts of this event! He is an awesome little man and will break some hearts one day. 🙂 It was nice to finally meet you!

  2. Nichole

    I love that you brought your son, so he can learn young! It was great to meet you, and try such tasty meals together with everyone!

  3. Beth Blacker

    I was so bummed that I missed the email invite to be there with you and the rest of the Tampa Bay Bloggers on Monday but am so excited to have a chance to sample some Grub later on this month when the truck will be at a location near me. I won’t have a child to make my report nearly as adorable but I have no doubt I can still do it some justice and help this awesome business do great things for our community.

    • diaper_dad

      There’s no wrong way to talk about these guys! There is absolutely nothing they do that I don’t absolutely love. Can’t wait to hear about your experience! 😀


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