Dearest Alice,

Today is the day you learned how to yell at me. You learned the valuable life skill of yelling at someone who makes you unhappy and I was given a tremendous opportunity to practice my patience and mercy. One day I will look back fondly with perspective of how adorable today’s acts of rebellion were by comparison, when you want to leave the house to “hang out with your friends” in a “what the hell do you think you’re wearing?” ensemble. On that day, I’ll know there was once a time when it exhausted my soul to shovel sweet potatoes into yours between your shouting, tears, and so-mad-you’re-blowing-snot-out-of-your-nose boogers.

I love you, Alice. Tomorrow is a new day.


Evidedently it was worse than this. She tried to smile for the camera!



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If we post the meltdown, we have to post the pretty one too!

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  1. diaper_dad

    I don’t just bust out laughing while sitting at my computer for much. But when you sent me this picture, I almost choked! Mostly, because I could see myself in that situation…and because sometimes you have to look at the absurdity of life and toddlerdom to keep from being consumed by it.

    Thanks for the belly laugh this morning!


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