Dear Evil Spawns Precious Children,

I am not sure what I would do without you. I can honestly, without a doubt, say that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for you three.

You see, if you three hadn’t joined my life, I would probably be living in a clean house. One that didn’t consist of Fruit Loops all over the floor every morning because you are learning to be independent and won’t let me help. I probably wouldn’t have to climb Mt. Laundry in the laundry room so I can wash your blankets for the fifth time this week.

I do love you. If you hadn’t come into my life I would have never had to look for an out and start my blog. I wouldn’t have half the zombie crazed friends I have now! Oh….No, I really do love you.

Once I had this thought that if you guys weren’t around I would finally be able to get my scrapbooking up to date, and would have some pretty AWESOME looking books to show off. I mean every time I get those damn stickers out you guys always want to play with them. Don’t forget the time you all got a hold of my fancy markers and thought it would be fun to “redecorate” our walls. Then reality hit and I realized if you weren’t around I wouldn’t have anything to scrap book about.

I would also like to thank you three. Before I had you all I thought I knew everything. As each of you have so viciously CLEARLY pointed out over the last few years I “know nothing” and apparently I am not learning very well. You guys seem to point this out a lot but you never seem to give me the answers.

You have all taught me some pretty awesome job skills too. Although most of those skills would be for jobs I would never be too interested in but I suppose since I have been home with you guys for so long anything on the resume would be good. For example, toilet cleaning. There are many jobs that include cleaning toilets and after you guys leave the house I am pretty sure there is no toilet that could never scare me. It is a giant bowl of water, when you pee in it, it will make a neat sound, at least a much cooler sound than when you pee on the seat.

Without you all in my life I am pretty sure my blood pressure would be lower, I would get more sleep and I would have a back that functions a little better. However more sleep would mean I had never had that quiet moment with you in the middle of the night when you were so tiny and precious! Moments I will never get again with you.

Had it not been for you all I wouldn’t know what true love really is, what the word protection really means and how meaningful life really is. You see, even though I may go crazy at times, and even though life may seem easier if I wasn’t mom, the idea of you not in my life makes my life seem pointless, and brings me to tears. I almost lost one of you once and it was the scariest day of my life. No matter how many times I have to scoop cat litter out of the toilet or kiss a boo boo I can’t even see and am pretty sure you are making up just to get a kiss, you will always be my most prized possessions. You will always be the reason I wake up, the reason I worry and the reason I move on when times are tough.

Just remember I will always and forever love you, sticky face, dirty toes and all!





Danielle¬† started having kids 10 years ago. She had three in that time frame and hasn’t had one for the last 4 years. She lives by Seattle and HATES the rain! She also has an imagination of a 6 year old and enjoys making up just about anything. The man she married is about as crazy as her at times! Chocolate and coffee are her best friends, as they don’t talk back and always sooth the soul. Sometimes she sits and wonders what the hell she is doing because as you all know life and motherhood don’t come with a handbook and she likes to follow directions step by step.

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  1. @analogyqueen

    Nice work Mama! Beautifully written. I love that all of us have completely different letters and view points (Iwas #2 this week) So much fun to read.

  2. @motherhoodtruth

    I agree, everyone wrote so different, yet I think we all portray the same message. Thank you for checking out my first guest post and leaving some love! I have had so much fun reading everyone’s post! (Great idea DiaperDads)


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