Ever look at a toy in the store and think, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this?”

Hasbro recently shipped me a couple of toys and said, “Hey, Diaper Dad”, because we are cool that way, “could you give these toys a once-over and let us know what you think?”

Okay, I’m kidding. They didn’t say that at all. BUT! They did provide me with the toys. So, in the interest of full-disclosure, Hasbro sent me the toys, I’m reviewing them. The opinions, however, are all mine. Well, mine and my kids. Also, my wife weighs in on this one too!

So, I got the box and immediately had to hide it, lest I get attacked by the younglings. The next day I pulled the box out from my desk and my 4 yr old comes wandering in from his room. “What’s in the box, daddy?”

I mean, really…do these thing let off a smell I can’t detect??

So, we ripped the box open and I managed a couple of pictures before the wholesale ‘de-packaging’ commenced.

They sent me two sets. Well, you can’t get the full experience with only one set…

The first up was Spider-Man!

Spider-Man-MasherFrom the Hasbro website:
Approx. Retail: $9.99

Make your own hero mash-up with this customizable Spider-Man figure! He looks just like the web-slinging superhero. But Spider-Man would be even more powerful if he had a Captain America arm or a Hawkeye head! All his parts are removable so you can swap parts from other Super Hero Mashers figures (sold separately)! Create the ultimate Avenger and customize your superhero adventures with your Spider-Man figure!

Includes figure.

Super Hero Mashers Spider-Man figure is totally customizable.
Head, arms and legs detach.
Give him different superhero parts from other Super Hero Mashers figures (sold separately).

Then came Iron Patriot!

Iron-Patriot-MasherFrom the Hasbro website:
Approx. Retail: $14.99

Make your own hero mash-up with this customizable Iron Patriot figure! He looks just like the armored superhero. But Iron Patriot would be even more powerful if he had a Thor arm or a Hulk head! All his parts are removable so you can swap parts from other Super Hero Mashers figures (sold separately). Then you can give your hero mash-up a battle upgrade with the included blasting cannon! Customize and gear up your superhero adventures with your Iron Patriot figure!

Includes figure and accessory.

Super Hero Mashers figure is totally customizable
Head, arms and legs detach
Give him different superhero parts from other Super Hero Makers figures (sold separately)
Blasting cannon works with any Super Hero Mashers mash-up

Both toys are rated for ages 4 and up.
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Toy contains a small balls. Not For Children Under 3 Years.Marvel products are produced by Hasbro under license from Marvel Characters B.V.

Now, for the actual review!

Remember when I said, I was hesitant about these toys? Well, I was. I remember seeing them in the store and thought, “Yeah, who needs a toy that is just going to end up in a bunch of pieces strewn all over the house?”

I mean, this isn’t the first toy I’ve come across lately that has the ‘swap’ feature. There was a rash of Iron Man 3 toys that gave Iron Man swappable arms. It’s great in theory, but several months later, my son just gave up on trying to find a right and left arm and has proceeded to give him two lefts or the more usual option, Iron Man just doesn’t have arms at all. It doesn’t bug him, so I don’t let it bug me.

Then, we got the Transformers Construct-Bots which I reviewed here. Those guys were a whole mess of little pieces. And while the boys loved them, they never could get the transforming action down, and they were usually ending up with a half-bot half-car hybrid that might dredge up some nightmares. Again, the boys loved the toys and haven’t seemed to mind too much that they have these little robotic creatures blasting bad guys, so I don’t let it bug me…too much.

Even with my misgivings, I was pleasantly surprised upon opening the packages how sturdy these things are. If your kids are on the young end of the spectrum, you’re going to need to help them get the guys out of the plastic. It’s vaccu-formed around the pieces so they are kept in there nice and tight. But it makes it harder for the little ones to get them out.


Don’t you wish YOU had a helper monkey? His name is ‘Monkey’ by the way.


Now, they would have been perfectly happy just playing with the Mashers as is. But, this is about swapping out pieces. This is about making your own mashup super hero.



So, I took both of them completely apart and laid all the pieces out and let my kids go to town and build their own character and then name it.


Now, while putting them together, I was the ‘assembly guy’ and they just told me where they wanted the pieces. At first, I was thinking, “Why don’t they make these pieces easier to click together? You know, like those Iron Man Assemblers they came out with?”

You know the ones…with no arms? Yeah, because they were a little TOO easy to get on and off. With that in mind, I’m glad they are a little tighter to get off and on.

Here’s the Mashers the boys made:


I give you Spider Iron and Turbo Spider.

Now, I know I promised a “…you won’t believe what happens next” up top. And here it is:

My wife said to me, “When do I get to make mine?” So, we each made one of our own.



Then she said, “I think I need to get one of these for me.”

Seriously, guys, that’s high praise indeed. All things considered, these are just about the coolest toys I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing yet. It’s like Hasbro took the pros from the Transformers and Iron Man Assemblers and took out all of the cons and made the Mashers. You really can’t go wrong with these guys. Add to that, Hasbro has announced plans for 20 unique Marvel Super Hero Smashers for 2014. That’s a whole lotta mashin’ going on! (This also includes bad guys too, for you villainous sorts out there!)

(And once more, just so everyone knows, Hasbro provided me with the toys for the review. The opinions contained therein, are mine and my family’s alone.)
Hasbro Marvel Super Hero Mashers - Review
  • All pieces are swappable across sets
  • Allows for very creative play
  • Characters that kids recognize
  • Needs more than one set to truly swap
  • Hip and ankle joints prone to breaking with vigorous play
  • Pieces can be hard to remove from packaging for small hands
89%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (2 Votes)

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    • diaper_dad

      Ummm…I have no idea what you’re talking about. Nope, no idea whatsoever. 😀

  1. Run DMT

    How cool are those?! My kids would love those! My hubby and I would be fighting over them and then staging fight scenes with them.

  2. rebecca tattrie

    Well, my grandson loved these too until all of a sudden we have hulk and ironman needing hip replacements…..not happy the thigh piece has broken off into the hip socket….no idea if we can get replacement parts….which will probably cost more than the original toy…..we have had them for a little over a year

    • diaper_dad

      Our Hulk blew out a hip as well. It would be cool if Hasbro sold replacement parts so you wouldn’t have to go buy a whole new figure just to get the piece you need…

      • Andrew

        My Son had a captain America that ended up with a broken peg in the sheild, it still works, just not as well…
        I Emailed hasbro about a replacement shield and they sent me “Whatever figure they had” which ended up being a delux thor figure.
        So in other words, I got Cap for 5 dollars, asked for a 30 cent peice of plastic, and ended up with a brand new 15 dollar toy.

      • diaper_dad

        WHOAH! Way to go! Oddly enough, our Captain America’s shield peg broke off as well. Hmmm…I might have to ask them about that. Not that I need a full figure, but I replacement piece would be nice!

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