Ever watch a movie and think it was pretty good, then later start picking it apart only to realize there were some serious unanswered questions? That’s been my life…

When I was a kid, my parents got a divorce and they had a huge custody battle over me and my dad won custody of me.

That’s what I thought for years. Then one day I said something to my mom and I thought she was going to have an aneurysm.

Apparently, they didn’t go to court, but decided that living with my dad was for the best during a rough patch in my mom’s life.

Then, one summer, my stepdad adopted me and it was decided that I was going to live with my mom and my stepdad and we moved to a small town outside of San Antonio and I enrolled in school there under my new name. Then my dad came to visit and he and mom decided it would be best for me to go back home with him to go to school in a place I was familiar with.

Apparently, my mom took me for the summer, moved and never told my dad she was moving or where. Then, she tried to have my name changed so that he couldn’t find me. He ended up having to threaten a family member to have my mom call him and the next thing I know, my last name is what it always was and I was moving back to go to school in the town my dad lived in.

When I was about ten or eleven, one of the dogs at dad’s house had puppies. Dad said that I could keep one. There was a mishap on the road, and my puppy was killed. So, I got to choose another one. She was the runt of the litter and afraid of her own shadow. Her name was Shy. I can’t remember who named her, but it fit so we kept it. Shy got to travel back and forth from my dad’s to my mom’s when it was time for me to move. At that time, it was summer with dad and school year with mom.

Now, at mom’s house, she had two dogs, Prissy and Pepper. Both of them small and yappy. Shy was a Black Lab, Golden Retrieve mix. So, she had some size on her. But, they seemed to get along pretty good. One Saturday I woke up to find my mom and stepdad were gone. They had taken Pepper to the vet because the big Chow that lived behind us had attacked Pepper and tore his eye out. Pepper lived (he passed away at the ripe old age of 20) through the ordeal. And when summer at dad’s finished, I was told that I couldn’t bring Shy back home with me. When asked why, I was told ‘Because, your dad needs her to stay with him to help protect the yard from raccoons and snakes.’ And I didn’t want my little sister to get bit by a rabid raccoon or a rattlesnake, right?

A few weeks later, I got a phone call that said Shy had ran off.

Apparently, Shy was the one who attacked Pepper. Mom was the one that didn’t want her coming back. And, I’ve been told that Shy didn’t run off. Someone shot her. I have a really good idea as to who it was. But here we are…plot hole.

There are literally hundreds of these type stories throughout my life. So many things happened that I was never privy to. So many moves, so many new people, so little certainty of anything. Even now, I’m pretty sure that I’ve got some of the facts above wrong. But, they are what I know. No one has ever told me the full story, and since my mom died, I’ll never know her side. My dad and I have had discussions, but he’s of the era of men not talking about things like that. So, it becomes problematic at times.

I guess that’s why sometimes I’m a little too open with my sons about things that are going on. I get worried about them having plot holes in their story. Because we have plot holes and we fill them with stuff. Our stuff is rarely ever the truth or even fact. And the younger the kid is, the weirder the stuff that their plot holes get filled with. I know I have a few doozies that I KNOW didn’t happen that way, but because it was just mom and me at the time…I’ll never get the real story.

It’s been ¬†eating at me for awhile now. I guess I’m just worried my boys will end up with plot holes of their own. And what if something happens to me and I can’t fill them in…


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