I know I’ve said it in the past, but the time has come for this fat dad to get off his rear end and actually do something. Remember when I went to ESPN’s Wide World of Sports and got all jazzed about running again?


Remember all that running I did afterward? Yeah, me neither.

It all started with a dislocated toe.


Looks painful doesn’t it? It was. And it sidelined me for several months.

But I’m back! And I’m totally ready this time. In fact, I’ve been given the opportunity to run in the Run or Dye in Tampa on March 1, 2014! They were gracious enough to bestow upon me two entries, if I’d talk about it. Having never ran one before, I can’t tell you how much fun it is or anything else. BUT! Having seen racers coming off of color runs in the past…I have GOT to get me some of that action! (Register now, and you can score $10 off!) *UPDATE* I just registered and made a team! Join Diaper Dad Army and get an extra $5 off your registration!


So, today, I got off my couch and strapped on my awesome running shoes and ran. It hurt. A lot. That’s okay. I’ve hurt before. I got this. You see, this time, there’s something larger at stake than my ‘getting into shape’ or ‘losing my beer belly’ or even ‘lowering my blood pressure’. While those are all worthy goals, they are not my main impetus for doing this.

I’m a parent.

Yep. It’s being a parent that’s making me do this. You see, I have two sons, and I realized recently that they are looking up to me. My oldest even said he couldn’t wait to be like me when he got growed up. Sweet…and absolutely terrifying.

I don’t want him to be like this:

Fat-Daddy-Couch Fat-Daddy-Couch-Empty

I’m not fat shaming, I’m saying I don’t want my son watching my bad habits and think this is any way to live. As it is, he asks when I’m going to get my exercise on a regular basis. I feel it’s my parental duty to show my kids how to do stuff. Important stuff. And I can’t tell him that exercise and healthy eating choices are the way to go, when I’m sucking down sodas and beer and eating potato chips, french fries, and fast food with reckless abandon while sitting at a computer all day. If I can’t moderate my own choices, how can I expect him to?

I may be a lot of things, but a hypocrite isn’t one of them. So, here I go on my journey. Ever heard of muscle memory? Here’s to hoping my muscles have a REALLY good memory!  I’ll post my stats every Monday to track the changes. I would love it if you joined me. Let’s do this together and make it easier for each other.

So, here’s where I’m at right now:

Weight: 266 pounds of pure couch muscle…

I’ve got 3 1/2 months to get ready. Let’s do this.


FTC DISCLOSURE: I was supplied to two entries into the Run or Dye race for this blog post. However, the reasons I’m going, are all my own.

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    • diaper_dad

      If you do this one, let me know! I’d like to get a group together or something and really just have some fun with this.

      • Steph

        Yeah I’ll do it! Maybe we can get Denise to work some magic and get a bloggers group some entries! 🙂

      • diaper_dad

        I’ve started a team. Diaper Dad Army. It’s all about involved parenting! 😀

  1. Bonnie

    I’ll be there too! I had a lot of fun doing Color Me Rad, so I’m really looking forward to Run or Dye. Color runs are a blast. And the running is good too. 😉

    • diaper_dad

      Awesome! This is the first time in a long time I’m actually excited about running! (I used to be a long distance runner, many years ago.) Can’t wait to see you there. 😀

  2. Jenn C.

    I did Color Me Rad back in May and it was so much fun. Though, many people just walk the course. So you’ll have to really focus on running it. It’s easy to just slow down and go with the flow, like I did. I hope you have fun training and make those boys very proud. Way to go, Scotty!

    • diaper_dad

      If you register for the Run or Dye (Which I’d love for you to, as I’m building a team!) make sure you join Diaper Dad Army! (It’ll save you another $5!) 😀 Seriously, I’d love to have a big group of folks show up as a team.


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