A couple of weeks ago, I got an invite to check out a local McDonald’s to see something new. In fact, it’s the only one in Florida doing what their doing. So, of course, I had to check it out. I’m glad I did!

First, FTC disclosure: I got fed and a bag o’ swag for this. But, the opinions contained within are mine and my sons’. 

The boys and I we trekked up to Wesley Chapel to see what the ‘Restaurant of the Future’ looked like. The outside looked perfectly normal. However, when we walked in, everything changed. While they still have the main area where you can order your meal, they also have kiosks where you can use a touchscreen to order.

I thought, “Interesting, but surely there’s more.”

And there was.

We sat down and were greeted with this:

Well, the visit is starting off on the right foot!

Well, the visit is starting off on the right foot!

Soon we were met by the owner and taken on a tour. A ‘Behind the Scenes’ tour! My oldest son wanted to take the pictures (because there’s food involved and he just loves taking a thousand pictures) so I let him.

First off, let me just say that in McDonald’s advertising, they use lots of pictures of fresh vegetables etc. Now, maybe I was just being cynical, but I was shocked when the first thing we come across was a prep table. You know, where they slice fresh tomatoes, chop lettuce and the like.

McDonalds-Create-Your-Taste-Veggie-Prep-1 McDonalds-Create-Your-Taste-Veggie-Prep-2

After that, we got a trip to the walk-in cooler and freezer. My son, being a typical Florida boy, absolutely refused to go into the freezer as the refrigerator was cold enough to make him turn into Olaf from Frozen. (Not my best picture, but I had all of three seconds to get the shot before he went running out of the cooler.



Now, there’s something I noticed in the background that I never expected to see: Fresh Eggs. Yes, they still use liquid eggs for certain items, but they also have fresh eggs on hand. I was just surprised and impressed.

From there, we went to ‘The Station’. I’m not sure exactly what they call it, but it’s where your custom orders are being made.

McDonalds-Create-Your-Taste-Custom-Kitchen McDonalds-Create-Your-Taste-Custom-KitchenToppings

There was guacamole…and while I didn’t order a sandwich with guac on it, it looked pretty good! (Not that smooth paste you get sometimes.)

I also got a short video here:

So, after the tour, we went out and placed our order on a touch-screen kiosk. We then picked up what looks like one of those pagers you get at the front desk at a restaurant. Except these work in reverse. This McDonald’s knows what table you are sitting at based on the location of that device. I know what you’re asking.

“But, Scotty, why do they need to know what table you’re at?”

SO THEY CAN BRING YOUR FOOD TO YOU! Yes, at this McDonald’s you get a waiter. (You still have to get your own drinks, but hey, c’mon who doesn’t love doing that?)

Shortly after getting the boys settled in, our waiter brought our food out. Seriously, you’re going to have to click on the pictures to believe it.


McDonalds-Create-Your-Taste-Grill-Thriller-Close-Up McDonalds-Create-Your-Taste-Grill-Thriller McDonalds-Create-Your-Taste-Lunch-Presentation McDonalds-Create-Your-Taste-Loving-It

We were barely out of the restaurant before my sons were asking if we could go back. It was a hit!

My biggest beef…get it? Beef? Because they sell hamb– never mind. My biggest beef is that McDonald’s isn’t planning on expanding this to all of their locations. Oh, some time in the future, maybe, but right now, this is the only one. And it’s totally worth a visit!

Also, you’ll want to know where it is:  27643 S.R. 54 Wesley Chapel, FL

McDonald's is Trying Something New and I'm Lovin' It
  • You Get a Waiter!
  • Ingenious Ordering System
  • Fresh Ingredients
  • Out of the Way
  • One of a Kind Restaurant
8.7Overall Score
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