One thing I can say is that the boys in this house are big fans of Miles from Tomorrowland. Also, I might be as well. 😀

FTC Disclaimer: TOMY toys sent me a box of Miles from Tomorrowland toys to review. The opinions in this review are all mine and my sons’.

You may remember a few months ago when we reviewed a batch of Miles from Tomorrowland toys. Tomy sent us another box to celebrate the newest season where they introduce new technologies! We got a peak with “Galactech: Secrets of the Black Hole” back in March. Now, the newest adventure is taking off!

Speaking of taking off…I LOVE the themesong. I open up YouTube on my phone and we listened to it every day on our way to school. Give it a listen, but be warned, it’s catchy.

There are several new toys coming out, including Gadfly’s Scourge and the Photon Flyer! Remember the other review? This one is going to call back to it. (Hint: XVR)


But first up, we have a couple of regular characters:

Prince Rygan is Queen Gemma’s son. Rygan made friends with Miles and helped him and his family escape after Queen Gemma arrested them for entering her kingdom without permission. In Scavengers of Mars, he becomes a Cosmic Explorer and joins the scavenger hunt.

Miles-From-Tomorrowland-Prince-Rygan Miles-From-Tomorrowland-Prince-Rygan-Back

Next up we have Haruna Kitumba. He is one of Miles’ best friends and was introduced when Miles had to help his family find a new planet to live on.

Miles-From-Tomorrowland-Haruna-Kitumba Miles-From-Tomorrowland-Haruna-Kitumba-Back

One thing that I like about these little guys is that if you have the Stellosphere, you can put them into the ‘Charging Chamber’ and they glow!

Another toy we got that also ties back to the Stellosphere is Gadfly’s Scourge.

Gadfly is a bad guy who is constantly trying to steal the latest technology he can find. He’s been known to be a bit of a good guy at times, but he’s still not that trustworthy.

Miles-From-Tomorrowland-Gadfly-Scourge-Closeup Miles-From-Tomorrowland-Gadfly-Scourge-Back

Little known fact: Gadfly is voiced by none other than Mark Hamill!


Those blasters blast, and it took awhile but I was able to actually get a few action shots! But first, remember the XVR system? Well, if you have the Stellosphere, you can remove it’s wings and attach them to other space ships!


Now, it’s the Scourg…iest…

What’s that? You want some action shots of that sweet blaster action? Well, who am I to say no to that?


Yeah! How does that look? Blurry…and not very action-y. I know. But, it was my first try. To capture it properly, I needed to turn the flash on.


Close! Seriously, it was close. This picture happened like .2 seconds before the missile hit the lens.


Houston, we have lift-off! It took me several minutes, but this is the best one.

Then, finally, we have the Photon Flyer.


The other ships in the series are cool and all, but this one is the one I’d dream about flying as a kid. And if you watch the show, you’ll know that this is the ship that Miles takes to help Haruna find a home!

This one also comes with a special Miles figure that is wearing a space helmet. And this helmet does not come off. Just to save you the time and energy of trying to take it off.


This ship is also part of the XVR System and its wings light up a really cool blue!



Pretty sure that helmet is genetically fused with his skull. Also? It glows in the Stellosphere!

I tried to get some pictures of it, but the batteries on the Stellosphere were getting low, so they didn’t really show up on camera as vibrant as they normally look. It just didn’t do it justice.

My boys love this entire line of toys. Whether it’s been one of the bigger pieces that allow him to dress up like Miles, or the space ships and action figures, they get a ton of play from these things making up adventures of their own. And, I’m all for anything that sparks imagination.

I can’t wait to see what the new Galactech toys look like! Well, I know they’ll look just like the things on the show…but, I mean in real life. 😀

I’ll leave you with this:

Miles Seriously

We take our play seriously. 😀


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