As most of you know next week is going to be insane. I won’t be hanging around the social media landscape much.

Why you ask?

Well, thanks, that was very thoughtful of you. You just gave me the segue I needed.


Yes, we are going in Monday August 22nd at noon-thirty to have us a baby boy! So you can TOTALLY see why I won’t be lurking around dropping odd comments and insane updates on your twitter timelines and facebook walls. I’m gonna be busy.

So, what ever are you to do with a week of no me? (Smartasses in the audience are encouraged to keep quiet.)

You’re going to read my blog, right? Because I have an awesome line-up of guest posts this week. I was going to spread them out over the course of a couple of weeks, but it’s like Christmahanukwanzukasâ„¢ in August up in this joint!

I wrote a letter to my first son when he was born. I didn’t publish it anywhere because I had no vehicle for it. At least, not one that fit. Now, I do. And I also have another son on the way, so I edited it and, as it happens, made it longer! 😀

That wasn’t good enough, though. So, I threw the request out to my tweeps and a few were gracious enough to write letters to their kids as well. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have.

I’ll be dropping out a new post each day at noon. I have a full gamut of guest posters. Moms and Dads! I’m all about the equal-opportunity whatevers. The takeaway for me was how different and alike we all are. Even we are all from very different backgrounds and are in very different places in all of our lives, I could see me and my family echoed in their words.

Also, some people were asking about pics and stuff of the new baby. The easiest way to see them would be to Friend me on Facebook.

When you send the request, let me know how you know me…or put your twitter handle. (I forget real names sometimes and refer to people by their twitter names.)

Like you’ve never called me DiaperDads before!

Don’t judge me, yo. I’m a man on the edge! 😀


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  1. Aunt Carylon

    We can hardly wait! I know – not as much as y’all but I’m excited to be a new Great Aunt again! Good vibes to the 4 of you!!! Love ya.

  2. Jon

    All the best on the upcoming delivery. I’ll be thinking of your family today and cannot wait to hear the news!


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