So, Saturday was Free Comic Book Day!

If you didn’t partake of the madness, that’s fine. I won’t judge. The geek life isn’t for everyone. My son, however, had a BLAST.

We got up this morning, had a leisurely breakfast and got everyone loaded up to head to my local comic book shop to grab some books for the kiddos. (And possibly one for me.) Pulling into the parking lot, I knew something was amiss. Why, you ask? Because there were actually cars in it! A LOT OF CARS. More cars than I had ever seen before.

So, I turned to my lovely wife and said, “What’s going on here today? Surely, these cars aren’t just for Free Comic Book Day.”

Let me just say, I have been more wrong in my life…I just can’t remember when.

But my oldest son’s reaction? Totally worth all of the wait and more. It started in the parking lot. He saw Chewbacca and several other Star Wars characters milling around outside. He was a little bummed out that Darth Vader wasn’t there, though.

So, we got in line…outside the store. (Yes, there were a TON of people there.)


(It’s such a small world. The dude in the beard, makes my coffee at Starbucks!)

My son just HAD to break from the line to take some pictures. And who can blame him!

Like meeting an old friend.

Like meeting an old friend.

So my son walks up and gives this wookiee some fives. LIKE A BOSS! Then turns around and looks at me like, “Take a picture, dad. C’mon!”

The thumbs-up TOTALLY sells it.

The thumbs-up TOTALLY sells it.

We got back in line then he saw this guy and began pulling me to him.

Glad my kid is so shy.

Glad my kid is so shy.

Now, I’m not going to say I’m a wuss. Because I’m totally not. But when I was my son’s age…I might have been a wee tad on the “HOLY CRAP THAT’S TERRIFYING LET’S GO HOME!” side of the fence. My son totally walks up to the Tusken Raider like they went to high school together on Tatooine. This dude was standing right in front of the shop too. So, if I had been my son’s age, I would have foregone my free comics and been just fine leaving right then. I might even go so far as to say, if I’d seen him walking up, I would have thrown a fit and stayed in the car the whole time. Luckily, my son is not me.

Yeah...that is a picture that would never exist in my youth. EVER.

Yeah…that is a picture that would never exist in my youth. EVER.

So, by this time we are about to walk into the shop and are greeted by a lovely Twi’lek giving out tickets for door prize drawings they were holding all day. And, no, we didn’t win anything.

"This ticket won't make you sweat any less...but if you win, it'll be so worth it."

“This ticket won’t make you sweat any less…but if you win, it’ll be so worth it.”

Once inside, it was a veritable cattle stall filled with people. It was very crowded, very loud, and within a few minutes, pretty darn hot. We sweated our way to the back of the store when we got a real surprise!


“Dark Vader really IS here, daddy!”

Don’t let the picture lie to you. That kid was excited to see Darth Vader. (Again, not someone I would have take a picture with as a kid.) By the time we got this far, the poor little guy was super-heroed out and ready to go. We waited patiently for our free comic books and made our way out back into the world. And as we’re leaving, he asks if we can go back inside and get him a toy….

Silly Boy. ­čśÇ

(Also, while I was taking pictures out front, I got a large furry paw in the head. I was able to turn the camera and get this shot before he moved on.)


Seriously, this is the best single Chewbacca I have ever seen. And I’ve seen me some Chewbaccas in my time!

Free Comic Book Day…you were awesome.






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  1. Kelly Wade

    Your son’s a cutie! And quite courageous. I was super shy as a kid too and definitely would have been so scared around those people in costumes. Its great hes so outgoing!

    • diaper_dad

      Thank you! And, yeah, I would have ran of screaming at the thought of meeting up with that Tusken Raider. He’s never had an issue with people in costumes. EVER. When he was 18 months, the museum here did an insect exhibit. A guy in a praying mantis costume walked in. He was easily 8 ft tall. Kids were running and screaming in all directions. My boy walked up to him like a boss and gave him fives. I was in shock…

  2. Robyn Iversen

    Not sure my oldest would pose for any of those shots! He has never liked anything in a costume. Way to go Xander and you will have all of your adventures written down so when your dad is old and can’t remember anything (yeah like that will EVER happen!) you will have it all on paper…or on a zip drive or whatever fancy schmancy gadget they have yet to invent.


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