Mother’s Day Giveaway! -or- I’m giving away swag for Mother’s day!

You do NOT want to be the dude caught buying that ridiculous satin rose from the corner shop because you FORGOT about Mother's Day. So, I'm here to help. I got an email today from Pillsbury and they are sending me a little swag packet loaded with goodies. Awesome right? Well, it gets awesomer. I got a swag packet to give away as well! (details at the end of the post) Enough about swag...onto the ways to pamper momma!

REJECTED! -or- Kids Just Don’t Want Daddy Sometimes

Admit's happened to all of us. No, not that. (perv) No, there's been that time when your child has been upset or crying and you've done your dead-level best to stop the tantrum only to be rebuked for mommy. It hurts. I pisses you off some. (Be honest here...) It makes you feel like you are a bad daddy.