REJECTED! -or- Kids Just Don’t Want Daddy Sometimes

Admit's happened to all of us. No, not that. (perv) No, there's been that time when your child has been upset or crying and you've done your dead-level best to stop the tantrum only to be rebuked for mommy. It hurts. I pisses you off some. (Be honest here...) It makes you feel like you are a bad daddy.
Yeah...the cheese got away.

Quick N Easy…Just How I Like It!

I was challenged by one of my fellow Warrior Dads to come up with a recipe using the Philadelphia Brand Cooking Cremes. Now, mind you I was hesitant. But, I'm also not one to shy away from a challenge either! So as we were doing our grocery shopping today, we came across a lady serving some weird dish that was made with said product. It was....okay. Not great, not horrible...just horribly mundane. And I thought, well we're getting a coupon for this, and I've got a challenge can I make this product POP? So, I decided to mix it in with my marinara for Meatball Subs! And I must say, I am impressed with the outcome.