Quick N Easy…Just How I Like It!

I was challenged by one of my fellow Warrior Dads to come up with a recipe using the Philadelphia Brand Cooking Cremes. Now, mind you I was hesitant. But, I'm also not one to shy away from a challenge either! So as we were doing our grocery shopping today, we came across a lady serving some weird dish that was made with said product. It was....okay. Not great, not horrible...just horribly mundane. And I thought, well we're getting a coupon for this, and I've got a challenge hanging...how can I make this product POP? So, I decided to mix it in with my marinara for Meatball Subs! And I must say, I am impressed with the outcome.

Drink Life As It Comes…Straight..No Chaser

I would like to apologize in advance for any vagaries that may occur during this post. Some things are left intentionally vague for self-preservation purposes. I am not religious. During the course of my life it goes like this: Wasn't. Was. REALLY WAS. Wasn't. REALLY Wasn't. And back to the standard NOT that I am currently in. That having been said, I am a spiritual man and I always have been. No, I'm not going to wax all philosophic about Jesus and all that... Drink Life As It Comes...Straight..No Chaser

Rub some dirt on it.

Let me just come out and say this, I love being a daddy. I love it all. Yes, even the crappy parts. (Sometimes literally, but that's another story.) It seems that my entire life has been leading up to fatherhood. I've been told that I was going to be an awesome dad since I was ten years old! So for twenty years I got the swagger on, just knowing that some day there was going to be some kid born in my life that was going to get its socks blown off by my awesome parentage. This kid was going to sail! It was a lock. All I needed was the "World's Best Dad!" Tshirt and mug and I was going to be set. Yep...easy peasy mac-n-cheesy. Taking care of kids is SO simple. You just hug them, read them stories, make sure they clean their plates and bust a butt when they step out of line. That IS what being a dad is all about, right?