This recipe is so damn easy, I’m scared to even call it a recipe. But here goes:


What you need:

1 Can of Pillsbury Grand’s Cinnamon Rolls

1 Bottle of Caramel Sundae Topping

1 Cup of Chopped Pecans


Alright…here’s the hard part. Open the can of Grand’s and uroll the dough into a sheet on your greased cookie sheet.

Unroll the dough...into a sheet.

Seriously, this is the hardest part.


Now, pull out the caramel and start drizzling! Once you have carmelled the hell out of it, toss on those chopped pecans!

Yes...ALL THE NUTS....


Now roll those bad boys back up. And separate the rolls out like you would have normally. Then bake them according to the instructions on the tube.

When I made mine, I just used a half cup of pecans…and I wished there had been more. KNOW you want some!

I drizzled the icing and more caramel on top of the hot rolls. They were devoured before I could get any pics…