This is another RIDICULOUSLY easy recipes and only takes 10 minutes.

And that’s not 10 minutes to make it followed by another half hour of fridge time. No sir, that means “In ten minutes I’ll be shoving some of this delicious dessert into my drooling maw.” Seriously, by the time you are done reading this, you could be eating some delicious Cheesecake Pudding Tarts.


Your mouth just looked at this and said, "Why aren't you making this for me right now?!?!"

Just a few basic items and you are set up for YUM!

1 Package of Cheesecake flavored instant pudding. (Although any flavor will work. Whatever your favorite is.)

2 Cups of COLD milk (The colder it is, the faster the pudding will set.) Also, to reduce calories, skim milk works wonders too.

1 package of small graham cracker crusts. (6-count)

Fresh fruit (whatever you like) I chose strawberry and blueberry because that’s what happened to be on hand. Peach would have worked nicely too.


Okay here’s how we do this:

Step 1. Make the pudding. (Just whip the contents of the package with 2 cups of COLD milk. Once it starts to thicken, set aside.)

Step 2. Set out the Graham Cracker Crusts.

Step 3. Put a little slice of fruit on the bottom. (I find this makes for a nice surprise when they are eating it.)

Ste 4. Your pudding should be thickened enough now, so start ladling it into the shells. Then top with fruit!


Cue Fat Bastard: "Get into my belly..."

Step 5. This is crucial. PUT THEM IN THE FRIDGE FORĀ  5 min. (Or for a real summertime treat, put them in the freezer.)

Step 6. Enjoy!


This one was mine:

I do believe my mouth just orgasmed a little bit. and you gonna be gooood friends. That totally wan't creepy, right?