Looking back on your life, do you ever have a moment when you say, “Remember when dad…” and it was followed by a fun memory? I remember when I was four and got to see fireworks for the first time. My dad lit a string of firecrackers and the fuse was faster than he anticipated. He dropped the strip of firecrackers and ran across the road like a goose with his butt on fire. His crazy silhouette brought to life by the strobe caused by fifty firecrackers going off as they fell to the ground. It’s been forty years and I STILL giggle thinking about it.

By the way, this is a sponsored post. Russell Athletics sent me some product to try out. But the opinions contained herein are all mine.

Okay, now where was I? Oh yeah, memories of dad doing crazy things. Well, they weren’t all crazy per se. But they were memorable. I’ve found over the years, that I’ve often wondered what memories my kids will unwittingly lock away for the rest of their lives. That’s why, as a #Dadlete, I don’t hold back around the boys. While I don’t always turn it up to e-LEV-en and break the knob off, I don’t try to let life just slip by without giving the kids something to hold onto that isn’t a shot of me lying on the couch playing video games.

My boys are one of the reasons I go onstage once a week and act like a total nut. True story. Every week, I get onstage in front of about 50 kids and I perform. Sometimes, the costumes are crazy. Sometimes, it’s just me.

The very first time I got up there, my oldest was a hair over two. I came out acting like a circus barker. I was calling for people to ‘step right up’. My son got up walked to the stage and said, “DADDY! WHY ARE YOU TALKING SO CRAZY??”

That’s when I knew, this was going to be a regular thing. So, each and every week, I jump out there under the lights and I give it everything I have. And when the show is done, I am a sweaty mess. Seriously, I SWEAT SO MUCH out there!

The lights are hot. I’m jumping around and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. I’m usually in some costume or wig. I’m no spring chicken.

Over the years, I’ve had to adjust my wardrobe to handle the sweatness. One of the biggest changes, oddly enough, has been my underwear.


I’m usually a comfy cotton boxer sort of dude. Sometimes, plain briefs. But, with all the¬†layers I wear sometimes, I have had to change things up. So, when I’m going onstage, I prefer something a bit lighter and thinner. One thing I’ve loved about the FreshForce boxers is that not only are they comfortable enough for whatever shenanigans I’m doing but the moisture wicking is a total added bonus!


The thing I’m loving about these as well is the IntelliFresh system.


Now, the only thing that stinks on stage, will be my acting!

So, when my kids say, “Remember when Dad…”, it’ll be followed by this:

Remember when dad was…


Waiting for the excitement to begin.


dressed up like a cowboy?


…pretended to be a Christmas tree?


…made that wacky invention?


…got up on stage and did a dance routine with me?


…was a lyin’ tamer?


…got his Shakespeare on?


…tried to give his hands as a gift?

Bonus Image! This one is still talked about from time to time. Remember when dad had to take a stage fall and actually fell before he attempted the stage fall and threw his back out on stage?


Seriously, I threw my back out and was in agony for like two weeks. TOTALLY WORTH IT.


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