Disclaimer: Hasbro was kind enough to send me a box of toys from The Avengers Age of Ultron toy line to play with and review! The opinions in this review are mine and my sons’. 

Next up in the box of goodies was Thor’s Hammer.

Here’s the description from Hasbro’s site:

Product Description:

Marvel Avengers Thor Battle Hammer

Approx. Retail $9.99

Super-size your crime-fighting skills with a battle hammer that looks just like Thor’s! When you swing this hammer at the bad guys, they’ll fall along with their evil! With this high-powered hammer in your hand, there’s no telling where your Avengers adventures will take you!

Includes hammer.

Marvel Avengers Thor Battle Hammer

  • Awesome Thor Battle Hammer
  • Hammer looks just like Thor’s
  • Look and feel just like the immortal superhero

Ages 5 and up© 2014 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

Can I just say I’m glad this hammer is foam?

The danger of a hammer that is made for smashing things is that things tend to get smashed. Luckily, this hammer is soft foam, so most damage has been limited. We had one incident where on child was wearing a Hulk Mask and the other weilding the Mjolnir felt the need to re-enact their favorite scene from The Avengers…

One ice pack and a stern talking to about how the Hulk Mask isn’t made for protection later, we had a firm understanding: DON’T SMASH PEOPLE WITH THE HAMMER.

It was fun putting on the Hulk Mask and Hulk Hands (reviews coming) and pretending that I couldn’t pick up the hammer. Seriously, the kids still bring me the hands on occasion and laugh while asking if I could pick up that hammer again.

The hammer itself is pretty low-key. It’s foam rubber. It’s probably one step above the ‘cheapest’ run on the hammer ladder. (They make all sorts of variations!) There’s no hand strap. And it’s a little small for adult hands. But, it’s fun, and the kids love playing with it. And, because it’s not one of the ‘FX’ laden toys…NO BATTERIES! 😀

If you are a cosplayer who isn’t 8 years old…you’re probably going to want a bigger hammer.

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Review - Age of Ultron Thor's Hammer
  • It's Nerf.
  • Looks like Mjolnir from the movie.
  • Lightweight.
  • The paint begins to wear off after extended use.
  • No strap.
  • Made for smaller hands.
90%Overall Score
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