Disclaimer: Hasbro was kind enough to send me a box of toys from The Avengers Age of Ultron toy line to play with and review! The opinions in this review are mine and my sons’. 

First up in the box of goodies was the Iron Man Gauntlets.

Here’s the description from Hasbro’s site:



(Ages: 5 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: February 2015)

Blast like Iron Man! Iron Man Arc FX Armor includes two gloves and one is equipped with a repulsor light and sound effects that make you sound like the invincible Iron Man.
Nothing can stop Tony Stark’s cutting-edge technology! With each new suit, Iron Man becomes more powerful. And now, with Iron Man Arc FX Armor, you can imagine the power of Iron Man as you charge into your own adventures!

Includes 1 electronic glove and 1 non-electronic glove.

Motion-activated light and sound
Multiple explosion sound effects
Repulsor power-up and power-down sound effects
1 electronic glove, 1 non-electronic glove
Imagine your own Iron Man adventures
Requires one AAA battery. Demo battery included.
Ages 5 and up

© 2015 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

So, with some ad copy like that, what’s not to love? Right?

One thing I do want to note is that only one of the gloves has lights or makes sound. If you know that going into the purchase, you’re less likely to be disappointed later. First off, the packaging is pretty standard. It didn’t take three ninja swords and some explosives to open. Having a couple of impatient boys…this is a big plus!


I was able to get the gauntlets out of the box and give the repulsor a test push a couple of times before the gloves vanished and my sons were gone. A few minutes later, they came into the living room blasting everything in sight. I took the instructions and we went over how to use the motion activated sounds. The repeating blasts and explosions lit their faces up.


(Here’s a sneak peek at our next review…and no, it’s no the fridge.)

One of the little things you’ll find is that when making a ‘One Size Fits Most’ product, there’s a small window of people who can wear it as it was meant to be. As you can see in the picture above, my son’s hands are a little on the small side. That’s okay with me, as it doesn’t bother him, and it gives him room to grow into them later. He’s never said anything about them not fitting right. In fact, his only real complaint with them was that I wouldn’t let him wear them to bed.

Now, if you’re a grown up looking to finish off your cosplay costume with these gloves, they are not going to fit you, unless you have tiny hands. Just be warned. One of the first promo videos I watched had an adult wearing and demoing them. With no other size references around, I assumed he was an average size guy. After trying on the gloves, myself…I know that not to be the case.

The boys have been playing with them at least once a day since we got them. Some of the gold paint is wearing off, but so far it’s been relegated to the edges.

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Review - Avengers Age of Ultron Iron Man ARC FX Armor
  • They look awesome
  • Real movie sounds
  • Arc Reactor lights up!
  • They are too small for adult hands.
  • Only one gauntlet lights up and makes sounds.
  • Motion activation of sounds is buggy.
96%Overall Score
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