You seen it taking over your social media. It’s the #CheeriosChallenge! And if you’re like most people, you’re wondering, which Cheerios stack the best. You’ve come to the right place. Specifically, The Cheerios Stacking Institute!

Now, before we begin, let’s get the FTC Disclosure out of the way: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Life of Dad and Cheerios. I received compensation for this post; however, all opinions stated are my own.



Let’s get started! Here’s a lineup of all of the Cheerios that we put through the paces!

We have a healthy roundup to sample from to help you get the most out of your #CheeriosChallenge Stacking!

Now, as with most scientific experiments we have procedures and a hypothesis to work with.

Purpose: To find the best stacking Cheerios for use in the #CheeriosChallenge

Introduction: As the #CheeriosChallenge gets underway for another year, we felt it would be of value to try to discern which Cheerios would net the best possible stacking advantage.

Materials: We tested 7 different flavors of Cheerios. Regular, Honey Nut, Frosted, Fruity, Chocolate, Multi-Grain, and Very Berry.

Procedure: We stacked each type of Cheerios three times each and averaged the numbers to come to an average stack height for each flavor.

Hypothesis: The flavors that have a coating or glaze are going to have a natural disadvantage to the original flavor as they will be either too slippery or sticky to stack properly.

Once we laid out the proper methodology, it was time to start stacking!


This would be easier with both hands!


Someone got busted eating Cheerios!


Counting the tower and lining up the next one for the stack.\



Again?? I mean, I know they are good and all…but sometimes I have to remind our crew to leave some for testing.

So? What were the results?

They weren’t what I was thinking, that’s for sure! And that’s why we do science. Sometimes, we find out that we were just wrong in our thinking.


Honey Nut Cheerios is the best one for stacking! That having been said…make sure your hands are clean and dry, as they can get sticky if you’ve been sweating.

Data is data, but what was the REAL takeaway here?


This all started with an innocent question about which ones would be better for stacking. In discussing how to figure that out, the Cheerios Stacking Institute was born. I mean, I got to spend an afternoon talking science, snacking on cereal and laughing as everyone’s towers went up and came down. There are truly worse ways to spend a day, that’s for sure.

So, what’s next? You take the knowledge we just dropped on you, and go out there and break those #CheeriosChallenge records! Stack high. Stack bold. But most of all just stack fun! I know we did!

Want to know more about Cheerios or the #CheeriosChallenge? You can search #CheeriosChallenge on every social network to see some cool families having fun.




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