A few weeks ago, TOMY shot me a message and said, “Wanna throw a house party?” (paraphrase)

I said, “Sure!”

Next thing I know, we’re having a house party!

FTC Disclaimer: TOMY toys sent me a box of Miles from Tomorrowland toys to review. The opinions in this review are all mine and my sons’. 

Alright, so getting this party together wasn’t as easy as it was first appearing to be, but I’m resourceful and we pulled it all together! (It would seem that the weekend chosen for the party was also the weekend that most of my friends’ kids were busy.)

We sent out the invites, got the RSVP’s and set this bad boy in overdrive.

Everyone started showing up at 1PM ready for some space eats!

Every great space adventure needs to start with a fuel up! #MilesToyParty #spon

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After all of our space cadets were fueled up, we broke out the good stuff!

First up was the STARJETTER!

We'll be test driving the Miles from Tomorrowland Starjetter. #MilesToyParty #spon

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It comes complete with Miles figure and Land Rover that stores neatly in the nosecone section.

Next up was the STELLOSPHERE!

This one is a gift that just keeps on giving! This thing turns into like three different ships. Like the STARJETTER, there’s lights, sounds, and more.

Then, we got to play with the most aptly named toy ever. It’s the SUPERSTELLAR BLASTBOARD!

Then, we'll be testing our mad space skills on the Superstellar Blastboard. #MilesToyParty #spon

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It’s named this because it’s literally a blast to play with!

The Blastboard was probably the single most played with toy of the lot. And my kids are even now, still using it to have ‘blastastic adventures’…as they say.


After toy time, we had some space-themed arts and crafts time where everyone got to get a little messy with glue, tape, paper, sticks, and stars.

We also played a game. Here’s a little known fact: Everything is better when you put the word ‘space’ in front of it.

Yep. Pin the tail on the *yaaaaaawn*…..snore. Becomes:




We wound down with some snacks, and then everyone who came got to take home their very own Miles From Tomorrowland action figure!

THANKS, TOMY! Everyone had a fantastic time…I mean, BLASTASTIC TIME!



I’ve got some more in-depth reviews coming soon, so stay tuned! We’re going to be talking about all of the toys seen here, more in-depth!

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