The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke

So, I’m doing something. I have spent my entire life being offended by things and not saying anything about it for fear of offending those who offended me.  In doing so, I was an accomplice to their offense. This has to change.

I’m not talking about spouting off just because I disagree with someone. This is far deeper and more basic. There are millions of people in this world whom I disagree with on fundamental levels like politics and religion and hot button issues like co-sleeping and the death penalty. But, where I must draw the line is when we, as a culture, still espouse or ignore discrimination to any degree.

The image above has been bouncing around facebook the last few days. And here’s what it tells me:

1. Whoever made the image isn’t good at researching their material.

2. The message is racist.

3. And their intolerance frightens and angers me.

UPDATE: There has been some confusion here. I’m not saying Zach Galifianakis made this image. I’m saying it’s a picture of him. That is all.

First off, this image isn’t even a picture of a Middle Easterner! It’s Zach Galifianakis…an American comedian. It’s from his movie The Hangover II. (A very simple Google image search verifies this.) I mean, If you can’t be bothered to do your research and find an actual image of the target of your ire, then put the mouse down and walk away. Secondly, it implies ALL Arabs are terrorists hell-bent on destroying us. Also…I’m pretty sure anyone who’s ever detonated a suicide vest didn’t stop in a crowded area and start counting down to detonation. So…are we to believe that ALL Arabs are stupid as well as homicidal?

Mostly, I’m just disgusted at the amount of people who share it and agree with the sentiment behind the image.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Here’s the change. I refuse to let my sons grow up surrounded by racism, discrimination, and bald hatred without speaking out about it. I want my sons to know that while I’m teaching them about inclusiveness and equal rights, that I mean it. I live it. And that means, for the sake of my sons, and to help make the world I’d love to live in, I hereby refuse to let it go by quietly.

My main reasoning is this: If you let your kids know that ANY group is to be shunned or excluded, for ANY  reason, then you are also telling them that at some point in the future they may be part of one of those groups you shun. And that means, your parental love, which should be unconditional, now has conditions…and you may stop loving them. I’m not saying you have to agree with anyone’s beliefs…but you have to respect their ability to have said beliefs. Remember, it’s all fun and games until they come after a group you belong to.

As a parent, it’s my duty to do what I can to control what I unleash on the world when they leave this nest. And I’ll be damned if I send them out seeded with subtle hatred in their hearts.

So, everyone who posts crap like this:



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3 Responses

  1. Kristi

    Nothing about the photo is funny; Punching someone, the racist “speak”, Zach (not a fan)…

    I wouldn’t want my kids to see this either, Scotty. It actually makes me pine for Grumpy Cat.

  2. Creed Anthony

    As a parent whose kids have Arabic ancestry, and have ALREADY been called mini terrorists because of it- I applaud you and your piece. Great job, Scotty. May there be many more people like you.

  3. Lisa

    Very good points.

    It amazes me that there always seems to be one group of people that everyone thinks it’s ‘OK’ to discriminate against. It makes it very difficult as a parent, but I try and use these things as a way to bring up the subject with my kids.

    That has to include the subject of ‘When do I ignore ignorance and when do I have an obligation to say something?’. Hard subject.


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