I Need Your Help

Dreams are funny things. They drive us, ethereal as they may be. They give us something semi-tangible to shoot for. If we didn't all have dreams, we wouldn't have New Year's Resolutions. Those are just little...
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As a dad-blogger, I touch on topics of parenthood that strike me. I really like those little moments when my kids show me the world in a light I hadn't seen it in before. And I've been pretty happy with the...
Don't you wish your daddy was cool like mine?

Do You Suffer From Male Pattern Dadness?

First, what is Male Pattern Dadness? (MPD) MPD afflicts a majority of dads. The sad part is that most dads don't even know they have it until it's too late; Johnny gets in with the wrong crowd, or Suzy becomes a stripper. The key is to detect the warning signs early. Then, do something about them. The indications of MPD are: