Ever since Avengers: Civil War started advertising, everyone got busy choosing sides. Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man? The lines have been drawn. Speaking of lines being drawn…

FTC Disclosure: In choosing sides, CROSS pens was gracious enough to help me out! They provided the pen, I am providing the o’PEN’ions!

Hey, Father’s Day is right around the corner. Any ideas on what to get him yet? No? Does that dad in your life enjoy the finer things? Is he Team Iron Man or Team Cap? Well, then read on.

I’m a writer. I love writing things! Mostly I type, but when I am writing on paper, I have always been in search of ‘The Pen’. You know, that pen that just feels right? If a pen doesn’t feel right when you write, I can’t use it. It’s not that I’m a snob, but I just NEED my pen to write smoothly. (Perhaps sensory issues…who knows!)

At any rate, about 15 years ago, I got a Cross pen as a Christmas gift and it elevated writing with a pen to a whole new level. I was always a Bic Stick sort of guy all through high school. But this…whoah. It was like like writing with butter. I carried that pen for then years. Then, one day it was gone. I left it somewhere and it was never seen again. Someone somewhere is probably still enjoying my pen. Then, the powers of the universe decided that I’d gone sans pen for long enough!

When Cross pens contacted me and asked if I’d like to give one of their rollerball pens a whirl, I jumped for the chance. And man oh man, was I in for a treat. The previous Cross pen I had was just a standard ballpoint pen (well, standard for Cross, that is). This pen, is a rollerball. I just THOUGHT my first pen was smooth. Also, the presentation on this thing is just a thing of beauty. I’m not going to say much more other than, this is hands down my favorite pen I’ve ever had. It’s not the first luxury pen I’ve ever had, probably won’t be the last, but it will be in my pen repertory for a long time to come.

Now, just feast your eyes on this baby!


Not gonna lie, guys…the box is gorgeous.



That pen is resting in some serious pen-based luxury!



What’s on the back of that Iron Man picture, your asking? Here you go!

Now for some detail shots!


I love the art deco feel of the Iron Man design on the cap.



They continue the feel on the barrel as well.

Here’s a view of both sides of the pen.


I know, I know. You’re thinking “Yes, it’s sexy. But how does it write??”


I wrote on some Bristol Plate (smoothest paper I’ve got on me right now). Wow, indeed!



I think this sums it up.