I’d say I’m not one to complain, but that would be a lie. I like to complain about a lot of things. And I don’t like it. I’m trying to change the way I react to the world around me. This all really started in earnest about 5 years ago. I got a new manager at my office that just LOVED to whine about every little thing. Got on my damned nerves. Why would she come in and rain on our work parade on a daily basis? Why?? It didn’t matter what happened, she found a reason to complain. And as her snarking grew…so did mine.

Now, everything bugs me to some extent. And I don’t like it. Why can’t I find the joy in being alive that I once found? I was a very troubled youth with a troubled upbringing…and yet, on a regular basis, my mom would comment on how nothing seemed to bother me. EVER. I was as cool as a cucumber. What happened?!

So, I’m turning over a new leaf. And it starts TODAY.

I’m not going to complain about gas prices. Not now. Not while an oil rich nation is struggling to overcome an oppressive regime. A regime that we bombed back to the stone ages at one point.

I’ve seen friends complain about gas. They say things like, “Way to GO Libya.” or “Thanks alot, Libya.” while taking pictures of gas pumps.

Okay, so gas prices suck. And, yes, the turmoil over in the Middle East is causing a lot of it. BUT! It’s being caused by a couple of countries who have finally decided that they are mad as hell and they aren’t going to take it anymore! That is more of the American Spirit than we’ve been able to infuse in two decades of warfare over there. If one country finds the courage to stand up to oppression and decides to take care of itself…then I can’t argue against that.

So, I don’t care if gas hits five bucks a gallon, as long as there is an oppressed group fighting the oppressors, I think I can suffer just a little. Because, when it all boils down, I can still afford to buy food. Maybe it won’t be steak, but it will be food.

It’s a small price to pay, knowing that there is someone out there who might be able to taste a freedom like we taste on a daily basis.

Rock on you crazy diamonds. Rock on.

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  1. J. Brown

    Well put, diaper_dad. We take for granted the freedoms that so many have died for and many more are willing to fight and die for. I’ve got more important things to fret over right now.


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