Father’s Day is looming, guys! I’ve been asked what I want for ‘The Big Day’. I have an answer, and it’s not what you’re thinking it is.I’ve got a series of Dad Guides coming in the next week, but this one…this one leads off the whole shebang. Why? Because it hits me in the heart.

Here’s a little bit of backstory:

My sons just finished up their school year. Our summer hasn’t been planned out yet, but I’m sure there will be plenty of trips to the beach (it’s a 30 minute drive), or the aquarium, the playground, the…you get the picture. We’re going to be going places and doing things. And you know what my kids won’t have to worry about that entire time?

Where their next meal is coming from. They won’t have to worry about an empty pantry, bare fridge, or even a kitchen stocked with a plethora of unhealthy processed foods. Not all kids are so lucky, though.

It’s funny, we live in the ‘burbs. I assumed that hunger and food-dependence was an ‘inner-city’ thing. I assumed it was an ‘urban’ thing. I have been so, so very wrong. I have been working on another project that coincidentally enough has led me to researching hunger and food-dependence in children. The numbers are frightening. Even more frightening, are the locations where it’s happening. I recently found out that just two blocks from my house, is listed as an area that is at higher risk for having hungry kids.

It never dawned on me, but there are so many kids out there that rely on school lunches as their ONLY food source. What happens when school’s out? Some parents can go to food pantries to make ends meet. But, what happens in most food pantries is that people will donate canned fruits and veggies, processed foods in boxes…really anything that is non-perishable. What about fresh? What about wholesome? It takes a backseat.

So, when I was approached to work with Life of Dad and Milk Life to help out with Feeding America…I was immediately in.

I could go on about the benefits of milk with it being a nutrient powerhouse providing 9 essential nutrients, including 8 grams of high-quality protein in each 8 ounce serving. And those are great! They help a body get energy to handle the stress of a coming day. They help a young brain think clearer and absorb information better. They help young bones grow.

But, I want to talk more about the fact that milk is one of the most requested items by food bank clients year-round. But it’s especially needed during the summer when kids may be missing out on nutritious meals provided through school breakfast and lunch programs. On average, food banks are only able to provide the equivalent of less than one gallon of milk per person per year. That’s because while Americans are generous with canned and dry goods, many don’t think to donate milk because it’s perishable.

Oh, and those kids who miss out on getting milk because the school breakfast and lunch programs aren’t running? The number is over 22 million. That’s just a little less than the population of Australia.

So, how does this tie into Father’s Day?

Tie...GET IT? TIE???? #DadJoke

Tie…GET IT? TIE???? #DadJoke

Because, Father’s Day is a celebration of involved, loving, caring dads and the positive impacts they make on children’s lives. So, this year for Father’s Day, I want to know that I’ve done everything I can to help some kids get a chance at fresh food. Specifically, a tall cold glass of moo-juice. This means that I have teamed up with an awesome group of dads and we’re setting out to do just that.

Meet the team!

Daddy Mojo! @daddymojo
Diaper Dad!
TheJackB @thejackb
Rick on the Rocks! @Rick_OntheRocks
Going Dad! @going_dad

We are going to be raising funds to get some cold, fresh milk delivered to local area food banks across the country. I know what you’re asking!

“I want to help…BUT HOW?”

How You Can Help!

The easiest way, is to get the word out! Get on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and start using the hashtag #MilkDrive to help raise awareness.

The second easiest way is to click on this link: CLICK RIGHT HERE! <– This is where the donations go!

(100 percent of donations go to purchase fresh milk!)

You can also join us at an awesome Twitter party! Don’t roll your eyes at me! Seriously, I’ve done 5 or 6 Twitter parties with the Life of Dad crew, and I’ve had a blast at every single one. They are rapid-fire, funny, and full of conversation. You can get as involved as you want.
On June 16, The Great American Milk Drive is challenging America to donate gallons of milk for kids in need in their communities with a major, one-day social media milk drive. America’s milk companies and dairy farmers will make gallons multiply across the country by matching up to $10,000 in donations. You can follow this social media-driven milk drive on Facebook and Twitter with #MilkDrive. (Follow LifeofDad or Me for details as they come out.)

When you share the message, please use this link: milklife.com/giveDadsSouth

And because the FTC freaks out if we don’t say it:

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Milk Life for this promotion.  I have received compensation for my participation, but my passion for helping feed hungry kids and thirst for Milk is my own.

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