Earlier this year I partnered with Russell to try out some cool new undies. This time it was to keep me warm.

Now, most of you know that I live in Florida. It doesn’t get all that cold here. Well, by NORTHERN standards anyway. So, when Russell sent me a new hoodie to test drive, I wasn’t sure when I would get to use it.

Luckily, that day came and guys…I think I just found my new winter coat! (Seriously, I’M IN FLORIDA!)

I have two hoodies that I wear from time to time. One of them is a big clunky pullover that invariably just gets too hot and I have to nearly peal my regular shirt off trying to get it back off. So, I don’t wear that one a lot. The other one, is just a light cotton jobber that does alright, but not when it’s actually cold.

Enter Russell Premium Fleece. Now, they have a pullover model and I’m sure it’s great, but as we’ve discussed, I am ‘pulloverly challenged’. I opted for the Full Zip Hoodie. It came in the mail and I got all excited what with winter coming on and all…


Of course, you know I opened it. So it was an early Merry Christmas to me! 😀


This thing has weight. Not so much that it feels bulky, but enough to remind you that you’re wearing something.

Also, while looking around on it, I found this neat little thing. AN EARPHONE CORD HOLE!


That way you can keep your phone in your pocket and run your cord up through your hoodie and into your ear. Back when I was a kid, you had to tear a hole in your pocket to be able to do that.


While we’re here, let’s just look at the fleece some more. That is some soft fleece too! Sadly, the entire Christmas break was in the mid-80’s! I was going to die if I put this thing on!

Luckily, the weather cooperated and we got one good day of winter (so far) so I could give this bad boy a test ride. As a lot of you know, I ride bikes to school with my boys everyday. So, with low temps and fog and drizzle…I suited up.


Always wear a helmet, kids. Safety first!


And while the weather outside was frightful, my hoodie was so delightful…wait, sorry, started singing there. Nope, it kept the cold air and the drizzle at bay, keeping me warm and toasty all the way back to the house, where the hoodie was so comfortable, I just kept wearing it around the house all day. Here’s to hoping we get some more colder weather coming up, because this is my new favorite hoodie. Or as I like to call it my Florida Winter Coat!

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