Starting a blog is hard. I’m  a pretty wordy dude and yet sometimes, I have no words to write. So, when I DO have something to say, I want to shout it from the rooftops and then let the machines take over and do their thing. I mean, that’s how social media works right? You say something pithy and awesome and then EVERY SINGLE PERON YOU  KNOW Retweets or Shares your link to all of their followers and so on until every single person has had the glorious pleasure of being graced by your witty wit.

You know, it’s those thoughts right there, that get people hooked into Scamway.

It doesn’t work like that, yet, that’s what we hope will happen every single time we hit that magical “Publish” button and let our little baby out into the world. We want the world to love our posts, because we do.

We love our posts so much, we assume that our friends are going to love them as much as we do. We have contests we hope that our friends and family will be the ones to either enter or to help get the word out. We are always looking for a champion and our friends and family get that mantle thrust upon them whether they like it or not. It’s different with an established blog. But I have a feeling that in the early days even those blogs had the same issues.

Case in point: I recently had a contest. I thought it was a super contest. (You know, because I thought it up.) And I didn’t really make it all that difficult to enter. (At least I didn’t think so.) When it was all said and done, none of my friends IRL entered. I was hurt. I was a little shocked. But mostly, I took it personal. I was happy about the entries I DID get. Don’t get me wrong. At my previous job, we ran a video contest and for 30 days I humped it, working myself to death and in the end we got 3 entries. (And we were giving away Kindles!) So with this contest, I had a week, and I got more entries than my video contest did. So, win, right?

If it was a win, why did I let it bother me so much that so many people weren’t entering?

Easy, I was being optimistically selfish. Optimistic that everyone would LOOOoooooove this contest as much as I did. And selfish because I just flat assumed that everyone I know was just going to drop what they were doing just to enter my contest. I mean, why wouldn’t they?

I had to think back, how often do I talk to all of my friends and family? Not as often as I like. Why? Because we are all busy. Busy with jobs. Busy with kids. Busy with car problems. You get the point. It’s LIFE. It gets in the way of the best laid plans. I mean, do I Retweet or Share every link that comes across my timelines? No. Why? Because I get busy.

So, it was a bit of an epiphany. And a bitter pill. Not too bitter though.

My friends don’t hate me. My family still cares about me. Just not in the whole “Let me carry the weight of your blog on my back and become your personal PR rep.” sort of way. And I don’t want them to feel that have to do that, either.

Fact is this: If you think it’s going to happen fast, you’re in for some disappointment. If you think your most trusted friends and family are going to carry the torch forever, you are doing them a disservice.

I’ve been at this for several months now. And while my traffic numbers aren’t stellar, I have more people reading my posts and submitting to my main site than I did when I started. And that’s a good thing. I’m slowly climbing the mountain. And I’m not relying solely on my friends and family to carry a burden they didn’t sign up to carry.

Rule of Life #104 THERE IS NO EASY WAY

And that’s what makes it so much sweeter when you do start succeeding.

Don't mind me, I have Writer's Croc today

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  1. jetts31

    You nailed it. Everything I put on my digital paper I think the world will love. When it isn’t my ego takes a humble punch to the throat. I think the key is what you said, there is no easy. Keep pushing because we’re out there and we’re reading.


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