As most of you now know, I’m taking a virtual bike tour to San Diego for the Dad 2.0 Conference in Feb. 2017. What you may not know is WHY.

So, here are my



5th Reason I'm Riding a Bike to San Diego I’m fat. Seriously, I’ve talked about it before and haven’t really done anything about it. I’ve discovered over the years, that I am incapable of exercising for my own good…but can TOTALLY exercise when it’s for the benefit of others. Weird, I know, but there ya go.



4th Reason I'm Riding a Bike to San Diego  To prove once and for all that I CAN. I’ve had so many crazy ideas in my life and every single time I’ve chickened out on them. Why? Who knows! But, I’m tired of being ‘THAT GUY’. So, I decided to do something crazy, and I’m running with it! Instead of asking around to see if there was any interest in my idea, or waiting to see if I could line up sponsors ahead of time…I just jumped in and started biking. So far, the results have been pretty awesome! And they are only going to get better!



3rd Reason I'm Riding a Bike to San Diego I want to leave a legacy that my family can look at and follow. Hey, I’m not getting any younger! If something were to happen to me, I want my boys to be able to say, “My dad did his best to help other people and make the world a better place.” What better way than to actually show them what I’m doing…DAILY! I want my wife to look at me and know that I’m sick of the toxic world we live in and that I’m doing my dead-level best to make the world better for our kids.



2nd Reason I'm Riding a Bike to San Diego To inspire others to do something. ANYTHING! So often we go through life and we see that there are so many problems in the world and we are struck with feeling helpless because,  “I’m just one person!”. What can one person do? Not a lot. But, as Chris Gardner (author of The Pursuit of Happyness) said in his book Start Where You Are, “Hey, baby steps count! If they are going forward, baby steps totally count.” Imagine if every person who felt that there was something that needed fixing, just took a few baby steps towards getting that thing fixed…pretty soon there wouldn’t be so many problems!



#1 Reason I'm Riding a Bike to San Diego Kids. I’m riding my bike to raise awareness of a program that is specifically designed to help keep families with kids off the streets. Family Promise takes families and assigns them a case manager to give them counseling that will help in the future with finances, jobs, etc. They help them line up affordable housing (Which can be a REAL issue right now!) While they are in the program, the families have a safe place to sleep every night, and guaranteed meals, snacks etc. That way kids won’t have to worry about their next meal or bedtime and they can focus on more important things like being a kid, or doing homework, or BEING A KID.



Here are some of the amazing people who are helping out, chipping in, or going the extra (several hundred) miles to make this happen. Please, give them all of the love you can.

12804522_10208867398152414_433429528_nDads4Change was started by two pretty amazing guys who wanted to highlight all of the good in the world that dads are currently doing…or can do. They were the first people to hear about my bike tour and have given me some much needed insights into how we can maximize the benefit of everyone’s hard work.

Where can you find them?







That’s us! We are community!



Brandon-Bike works-LogoThese guys are helping me get my bike prepped for all of the miles to come! This business is top-notch all the way. Every bit of work they’ve done has been excellent, and they were fantastic when we bought my wife’s bike there.



Bloggers who are joining in: (These guys are the powerhouse that makes this work!)

CranioDads! – He was the first to sign on with me. His dedication is amazing. And the title of his blogpost will earworm you if you let it.

Double Trouble Daddy! – This guy is crazy. He’s WALKING his portion! Read about it here:

Inked Up Dad! – He’s our newest addition. Blog post is coming.

Stop by and give them some love. These guys are amazing, awesome, and should get some props for volunteering to help give a voice to the voiceless.

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