TOMY was kind enough to send us a couple of toys to review! And…the boys stole my camera to do it. 

FTC Disclosure: TOMY sent us the toys to review, but the opinions contained within, are mine and my boys’. 

First, we start with a short video, then we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of the review:


So, as you can tell, they sent us a couple of toys to look at. I’m going to just lump them together into one review, because one of them was a single Sonic action figure.

Now, one thing I take into consideration with toys is how hard or easy they are to open. It’s a birthday or Christmas and you’ve got a kid hopping around desperate to play with their toy, and you have to take three knives, a cutting torch, and a chainsaw to get into the packaging…it kind of sours you. So, we use the ‘safety knife’ standard for opening toys. If I can’t get it open with a small plastic knife, it’s too hard to open.


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As my son said, he was expecting it to be just a plastic Sonic that doesn’t move. He was pleasantly surprised to see that Sonic has hip, shoulder and head articulation. The hips joints are so loose that it makes it hard to keep Sonic standing, so that’s a plus. He has been very happy with this little guy.

Now, seeing as I was the one who had to get him out of the package, however…I’m just going to vent here a little. I wish that companies (and there are several out there that do this) would STOP using those minuscule clear rubber bands to attach their figures to the blister packaging. It means that I can’t use our ‘safety knife’ to get the figure out, and it’s a ding against them for the packaging.

Here’s what I’m talking about:


Seriously…stop doing this!

Packaging irk aside, he’s a cool Sonic. He’d even fit right in on my ‘Dad Shelf of Awesome’. (It’s where I keep MY toys.)

Next up:

Tails’ Plane:

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Sonic-Boom-Review-Tails-Plane-Packaging Sonic-BOOM-Review-Tails-Plane-Overview

This one was a little less aggravating to get open. The raffia was easy enough to untie from the back. And, of course, Tails had one of those infernal clear rubber bands on him too.

Once out of the package, it was pretty easy to see why the boys ended up having so much fun with the plane. It has cool blue LEDs on the front that light up when you hit the trigger to make the prop spin, the plane sounds are interactive as well! If you turn the plane upside down, you get a different vroooom sound.


These shoot further than you think they would.

Also, the missiles under the wing? Insane firing distance! (Comparatively speaking, mind you.) Also, the triggers make cool missile shooting noises as well.

There’s also an ejector seat. The rear seat pops up when you hit the secret button on the rear of the plane.


Tails’ tails always getting in the way…

As you can see, Tails doesn’t fit comfortably in the front seat, but that hasn’t bothered my boys one bit. Also, you can see the ejector seat in the rear of the plane.

One side note: the wings do pop off on occasion, but that’s okay. They go back on really easily. In fact, there is a section on the instructions that shows you how to put them back on. (Much easier than some other plane toys we’ve had in the past.)

And it’s silly, but this is possibly my favorite part of the plane:


It’s Tails’ Plane’s Plane’s Tails!

Sorry…couldn’t resist. But seriously, it’s just a really cute logo. And it’s kind of punny. 😀

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There you have it! And now, for the breakdown and the pros and cons:


Toy Review - Sonic Boom Tails' Plane and Sonic Figurine
  • High quality sculpts on figures
  • Plane has a ton of cool features
  • A must for Sonic fans.
  • Packaging was a bit hard to get into.
  • The wings pop off of the plane on occasion.
90%Overall Score
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