FTC Disclaimer: Hasbro wanted to send some toys for me and the boys to play with and review. I said, sure!

I checked the front porch the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see this waiting for me!


Mmmmm…Roboty Goodness

We couldn’t open them right away, so the boys had to wait before we could rip into them. This was a double edged sword. Sure, I could threaten them with not playing Transformers if they didn’t behave in public, but I was also subjected to a near minutely barrage of ‘Can we open Transformers yet?’ and ‘Is it FINALLY time to play Transformers, daddy?’

So the big evening came and we cleared off the table and settled in for some big time robot construction.


Perusing the Hasbro website gives us a little information about the particular toys we’re looking at today.


Approx. Retail: $14.99

Product Description:

Construct! customize! Convert! The Transformers Construct-Bots come in pieces, and it’s up to you to build them in one of their 2 modes! Use the 48 pieces to build your Soundwave figure as a robot warrior or tape player. Once he’s built in one mode, you can either convert to another mode or tear him down and build him again! Build your own Transformers adventures with this 2-in-1 Soundwave figure!

Includes 48 pieces, storage tray and instructions

Ages 6 and up.


Approx. Retail: $9.99

Product Description:

Construct! Customize! Convert! The Transformers Construct-Bots come in pieces, and it’s up to you to build them in one of their 2 modes! Use the 45 pieces to build your Ironhide figure as a robot warrior or truck. Once he’s built in one mode, you can either convert to another mode or tear him down and build him again! Build your own Transformers adventures with this 2-in-1 Ironhide figure!

Includes 45 pieces and instructions

Scout Class E1:01 Ironhide

Ages 6 and up.

Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.


My oldest son was desperate to get into Soundwave.

So we cracked the box open and we were greeted with a handy little storage case for all the pieces.

Decepticon branding! Cool!


Here’s the once and future Transformer in its primal state.


Obligatory shot of Soundwave’s head because son wanted me to.

My youngest got Ironhide.


He was so excited to be able to do what big brother was doing.


Unlike the Elite Class figures, this one didn’t have a cool case for his parts.

Now for some play time!






As you can see in the pictures, the boys had fun playing with the different bits and pieces and making cool things. And the fun continued long into the evening, with one of them crying because I wouldn’t let him sleep with his toy.


The box says it’s for “Ages 6+”. This is not a lie. My oldest is 4 and loves building things with blocks etc…but he was having a hard time with these pieces. They weren’t as easy to click together or take apart like normal building blocks. (Like Kre0, Lego, or Duplo type blocks.) This meant mom and I were doing a lot of building for them. But, hey, family time!

The ball joints aren’t the easiest thing to work. A couple of them were prone to popping out of joint on occasion, causing a robot’s leg to fall off while moving it. (That having been said, a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old are going to be bending things in ways they weren’t supposed to, so there’s that.)

Honestly, my biggest complaint has nothing to do with the toy, per se. The directions on how to transform your robot to the plane or car…were just too hard for me to decipher. And, yes, these things actually transform from bots into vehicles.

Now, that having been said, the boys absolutely LOVED them. While I found myself getting frustrated, they were busy clicking strange pieces together and making ‘pew pew pew’ noises chasing one another through the house. My youngest is two and has been hollering ‘Transformers, Transformers’ for the last few days. I’m not one to ‘yuck someone’s yum’ so, if the boys like them, who am I to argue?

If your child is older, they’ll be more likely to not need a lot of help putting them together.

Disclaimer: The toys in this review were provided to me by Hasbro to review. The opinions in this review are mine and my sons’. 



Transformers Construct-Bots Review
  • Familiar Transformers
  • Encourages creative play
  • Elite characters pieces come in a carrying case
  • They were very hard to transform
  • Not all nodes fit in all holes
  • Hard to build for smaller kids
85%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

28 Responses

  1. Jenn C.

    My brother was a big time Transformers fan when we were kids. I mostly remember the theme song. I know my boys would love these toys. My oldest is almost 7, so I don’t think he’ll struggle much with assembly and I can help my 3 year old.

  2. Jessica

    My brother and I loved Transformers. I remember that my mom would always buy them for him and I wanted my own, but she wouldn’t buy them for me because they were for boys. Well, one Valentine’s Day, she caved and bought me one. Still the best Valentine’s Day gift I ever got. LOL! My son loves them now; he’d have so much fun with these.

  3. Daniel C.

    My brother used to get all of the original Transformers toys. He didn’t like me playing with them because I was very little, and I’m sure I lost my fair share of parts. My favorite to sneak away and play with was Astrotrain, the triple changer space shuttle, train engine, and of course robot. So cool!

    I never was able to get a good robot voice down in the theme song, but that never stopped me…

  4. Jenn M

    I watch the movie with bumble bee my favorite, love him communicating via radio. My little boys are so into them.


    My favorite memory is watching the cartoon on Saturday mornings with my parents.

  6. Michael

    My favorite memory is a recent one. A couple of months ago, when my kids weren’t listening to me or behaving, I started talking like Optimus Prime and their attitude changed immediately. Now they regularly ask me to talk like Optimus, and when I do they really listen.

  7. Tony

    Watching son discover and enjoy the Transformers on Netflix has been an awesome experience. I am sure he would love building one of these sets.

  8. phillbecker

    My most vivid memory of the old Transformers was watching the first Autobot die on the big screen. At some point they stopped making the toys out of metal. That was sad.

  9. Heather Dawn

    I remember growing up, I had to hide my love of the Transformers, because my cousins made fun of me. That was ok, because I had a super cool comforter and toys that were better than barbies lol.

    • diaper_dad

      They put out a call for dad-bloggers, and I submitted my site and was approved.


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