Today, I want to talk about something near and dear to me.

I want to talk about my balls!

Well, balls in general…so that would automatically include my balls too. Now, stop thinking about my balls for a minute and read on.

This isn’t a cancer blog, but one of the dads on facebook threw out a request to share. And because I think it’s awesome, here it is.

Have An Awkward Conversation With Your Son!

As parents, we have so, so many awkward conversations with our kids. Some moreso than others, but they are our responsibility. We want to get our kids ready for what the world has to throw at them. And that means we get to talk about all manner of things. Whether it be about poops, puberty and all the craziness that brings, or the dreaded ‘sex talk’…we’re supposed to have them. One thing I’ll always love my mom for was her unabashed and straightforward ‘birds and the bees’ talk she had with me. She got all medical and scientific about it. It was the single most uncomfortable thing I had to sit through as a kid. (At least until my dad tried to give me the same talk a few years later. *eek*)  But she left few stones unturned. Granted hearing your mom talk about periods (because you’ll think your wife is bleeding to death) and vaginas and penises isn’t high on the list of things you want to hear, it was necessary and she knew it.

As a grown man, I’ve taken a page from her playbook. No beating around the bush with me. If my son asks a question, he gets the truth from me…no matter how awkward that may be. That having been said, he’s a toddler. And I haven’t had to tell him to touch his balls in the shower once a month.

If You Have a Son Watch This Video:

Seriously, regardless of  age, dudes should be checking themselves regularly. I have been ever since I got a scare back in the 90’s. Turns out it was a condition that a TON of men have. But it could have been worse. And since then, I’m a regular checker. So, ladies, make sure you man checks himself regularly too!

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