Ferguson. Just the name draws images in your mind. The name is now a very charged word. It’s now one we have to step lightly around for fear of saying something that might be taken in a way that wasn’t intended. So, as the grand jury report was read on the news last night, you can imagine┬áthat sinking feeling as my five year old asked why all of those people were walking around outside. And why were they mad? As he and my wife were settling down for bedtimes last night, he asked:

“Why are those people mad at each other?”

“It’s complicated son, but you know how some people have different skin colors? You know how your friend Jayvon has darker skin than you do? Well, sometimes people get mad at one another and do mean things because their skin is a different color than other people’s.”

“That’s dumb. Your skin is a different color than mine. And daddy’s skin is darker than almost anyone’s. Except for Jayvon. We ALL have different skin color.”

My boy. He is giving me hope that something I thought we could beat in my lifetime, just might happen. My boy. He is giving me hope that we are finally beginning to break a cycle older than any of us.

Out of the sadness that is pouring from the open wounds in Ferguson…springs hope. Hope that one day, we can all look back and scratch our heads and wonder why we were the way we were.

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  1. Rob Beaudreault

    I, too, believe in hope. Thanks for sharing this AND for having those important bedside conversations with your child. You’re helping to change a generation!

  2. Christopher Whalen

    I was honest with my daughters about Ferguson. The incident had very little to do with race or skin color. We all need to be honest with our children and clearly teach them what were the events that led to Michael Brown’s Death. Yes, racial issues exist, and those need to be discussed.

    Michael Brown’s Actions Brought About His Death

    Mr. Brown is dead, mainly, due to conscious decisions that he made that day. The failure here resides directly on his parents who failed to raise a law abiding citizen, and instead raised a thug who was stealing from local merchants just minutes before his death.

    Why do we not discuss the personal failures of Mr. Brown and his family? Do we believe that poor blacks are not responsible for their behavior? No one forced Mr. Brown to rob a store. No one forced Mr. Brown to attack a police officer sitting his squad car and to go for his gun. Yet, the liberal media and protesters portrays Mr. Brown as a helpless and innocent victim of a corrupt police force. This is dangerous and mindless liberal group think.

    This mindless following of the liberal agenda as it relates to blacks and the police will maintain the divisions in the country. There are many problems, I know this is true, but we need to be honest with each circumstance and hold ALL parties responsible for their direct involvement and contribution to the cause.

    In this case, Mr. Brown was the driving force and his actions brought about his death above all other participants and circumstances.

    • diaper_dad

      First off, I deeply resent the implication that we were not being honest with our son. If you go back and read the post, it’s in regards to what he was seeing on tv during the announcement of the findings of the grand jury and the clashes that took place during that time. I didn’t write about Michael Brown’s death at all.

      In fact, I didn’t even mention Michael Brown. Nor did I ever once say that he, or Darren Wilson for that matter, weren’t responsible for what transpired that night. I never said any group of people (regardless of race, culture, creed, or social standing) weren’t or shouldn’t be responsible for their actions. I never mentioned anyone as a helpless victim, nor did I mention anything about corruption in the police force…you did. Also, ‘mindless following of the liberal agenda’? I’m not sure what the ‘liberal agenda’ is, but I don’t mindlessly follow anything; whether it’s liberal OR conservative.

      I’m not going to get into the intricacies of the case with a 5 yr old. Why? Because he didn’t ask about the case. He asked about why the people outside were angry. And we answered him. Sure, one day he will start asking tougher questions. And when he does, we will have those discussions.

      To quote you: “Yes, racial issues exist, and those need to be discussed.” They were. And my son was amazing.

      I’m not sure why you felt the need to comment with something that had little to do with the ACTUAL post at hand, but I hope it’s because you, too, are passionate about the world and would like for it to be a better place. I’m right there with you. But when you start throwing around words and phrases like ‘liberal agenda’ and ‘liberal media’ and ‘liberal group think’…it just makes me wonder who’s doing the group thinking. Because there is nothing inherently liberal or conservative in what I’ve written about. Unless you think that actually acknowledging that racism still exists is part of the ‘liberal agenda’. Seriously, because if it is…I might start voting liberal more often.

      Seriously, read this: http://www.cnn.com/2014/11/26/us/ferguson-racism-or-racial-bias/index.html (Unless you are one of THOSE people who think that CNN is a haven for liberal hiveminders.)

      PS – Don’t ever assume.


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