Heard of Yo-kai Watch, yet? If you have young kids and haven’t…you will. Let me introduce you to it! 

First, let’s get this FTC Disclaimer out of the way: I have been provided Yo-kai Watch toys and have been compensated for this review. The opinions and views, however, are mine and my sons’.

Now, let’s get to the meat of why you are here. Because I know what you’re asking.

What the heck is a YOKAY anyway??

Well, first off, it’s pronounced “Yo-KYE”. If you mispronounce it in front of your kids, they will roll their little eyes and give that head tilt that says it’s time to introduce you to that nice man from the old folks’ home down the street. See? Already helping you build some street cred!

Yo-kai Watch is phenomenally popular in Japan, and have been for a couple of years now. They recently hit the US, back in October and if your kid isn’t playing with Yo-kai Watch toys or games now…they’ll probably be asking to shortly enough. This will help keep you from being blind-sided when they start asking, or if they’ve already been asking but you can’t understand their excited exultations.

Okay, the world of Yo-kai Watch is filled with spirits. These spirits are called, you guessed it, Yo-kai. These Yo-kai have a habit of ‘enspiriting’ people or things and making them behave in odd fashions. There is a boy who can see these spirits but only with the aid of his watch…and the help of another Yo-kai named Whisper.

In the show, they go on adventures trying to figure out what’s going on around them, and in the process save people from being hit by cars, save a marriage, figure out who is causing all of the uncontrollable farting…etc. all because Yo-kai are mischievous little twerps.

So, here’s where the toy line comes in. It all really centers around the ‘watch’. (Yes, there is a video game, but that’s another discussion for another time…mostly because we haven’t played it. But, it ties in with these toys!) The ‘watch’ comes with two Yo-kai tokens. When you put the tokens in, the ‘watch’ will play one of three different sounds from the show.


I’ve labeled it ‘watch’ because it does NOT tell time!


There are also packages that have Yo-kai tokens being held by little plastic statuettes of the character on the token. My boys ended up with Tattletell and Noko and have had fun playing with them. But, if you’re on the hunt for just tokens, then they sell blind packs that come with three tokens in each pack.


What are you going to do with all those tokens? Well, they have a book, that looks just like the one from the tv show, that you can store them in! The album also comes with an exclusive token that is only available with the purchase of the album. Errr…I mean, Medal Medallium. Don’t call it an album! You have street cred now. Don’t lose it!


Remember when I said there was a video game tie-in?


When you flip the coin over, there’s a QR code. That code, when scanned on the Nintendo 3DS, will give you that Yo-kai in the game!

For this adventure, we also had a viewing of the tv show. So, my sons invited their best friend over for some cartoons and dinner. They had seen the show before, so they knew what was coming. Their friend, however, had never even heard of Yo-kai Watch before. This shot is literally two minutes into the viewing of the first episode.


They didn’t move until the episode was over. By the time we got to the next episode, they were asking for their ‘watches’. And the Yo-kai hunt began.


At the end of episode two, they were all running around the house and checking behind the furniture, looking for Yo-kai.

We took a break for dinner and went back to some serious Yo-kai watchage.

As a parent, I love watching my kids play. I love watching them use their imaginations. After each episode ended, all of the kids wanted to take a break so they could go find even MORE Yo-kai. They would all run around their rooms with their ‘watches’ and after some squealing they would come back and tell us about what sort of Yo-kai they encountered and what all happened.

Arguably, the best part was at the end of the show.

Stay tuned! We’ve got a Diaper Dad Toy Lab coming up with Yo-Kai Watch where we show you things you didn’t see here!

Oh, and that spirit animal I was talking about?

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Cheeksqueek. (Via Yo-Kai on YouTube)

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