Ever notice how when someone gets all beefed up on super powers they immediately find others with powers too? Or, more likely, the people that also gain powers just HAPPEN to be in close proximity to the newly initiated?

Yeah, me too.

So there I was sitting at my desk all day. Juggling kiddos, trying to write two books, looking at some internets, when I discovered it. My newly acquired gift. I can DESTROY a bag of Ruffles! Seriously, they were the chili cheese kind and I absolutely wrecked the bag.I know what you’re thinking.

How is that a super power?

I did it without even trying. EFFORTLESS DESTRUCTION? Super Power. BAM. Chew on that for a minute.

You done? Good. This is the part where I started to get all paranoid. If I just got imbued with insane super gifts…who around me got them as well? So, I did what all great super-sleuths do. I logged onto Twitter.

All it took was a short finely worded 140 character message and the evidence came pouring in. It was enough to chill my soul. I was surrounded by fellow Super-Freaks! (No, not that kind!) Will they use their powers for good or evil? I have no clue. And seeing as I’m not planning on making some crappy tv show out of it, I’m not going to write an awesome 1st season, sub-standard 2nd season and then just all out rape my viewers with a “yeah, I hired a monkey to bang on this typewriter” 3rd season.

Yeah…HEROES…I’m lookin’ at you. You wanna throw down bro? Pfft..that’s what I thought.

Sorry, it’s late and the coffee’s wearing off. So without further ado, I give you the Diaper Dads Rogue Gallery of Awesomeness! (Click on images for SUPAH Size!)


Looks like RUFFIER…I know. It was late and I was running out of room.


Super Vag!

If you don’t get it…I’ll provide a link to explain.


Stronger than projectile baby barf and able to leap baby gates in a single bound! (Also getting his PHD)

Lacto-Intolerant Girl!

She’s a real gas to have around the cheese and wine tastings!

Inefficient Man!

Busy as hell and getting NOTHING done! COME BACK LATER!!! AIGH!

Annoy-O-Tron 3000!

Shoes go in the closet….


A man after my own heart!

and last but certainly not least…


She won’t let a silly thing like booze stop her from tweeting!


These are but a few of the crazy people I talk to on a daily basis. They crack me up and inspire me to keep doing the crazy things I do. Each image title is a link to their perspective blogs. Check them out. Go ahead, I’ll be here when you get back.

Also, the scanner totally screwed up the colors…the pinks were WAY more vibrant and the GLOMP is wearing a VERY yellow shirt.

Remember, kids. Use your powers for good! And drop a comment to tell me what insane super power you have. You never know, I might add it to my Diaper Dads Rogue Gallery of Awesomeness!


We have a new member!

World’s Greatest

He is as powerful as his children see him.


Update: We have a new member!


Don’t MAKE her bust out a three needle bindoff!

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13 Responses

    • diaper_dad

      Of course you may. Hell, you can crop it and make it your avatar if you want. 😀

  1. Just Jennifer

    OMG, I HAVE to be in the Diaper Dads Rogue Gallery of Awesomeness! I can knit…I’m a mom…my husband is all kinds of difficult with his stupid health problems and I can’t see. There’s gotta be a super power in there somewhere!

  2. Lewis

    I don’t even know what a Glomp is but that’s f’n hilarious! I was about to tweet and ask who the Leeds Fan was lol. Love it. I am if course going to steal that picture!

    • diaper_dad

      I imagine ‘Glomp’ is the sound one makes when you eat an entire turkey cartoon style. 😀 I got the proper Leeds logo, right?

    • diaper_dad

      Click on her title and it will take you to her Twitter page. I would have linked to her blog…but she doesn’t have one. Also, this super power was by her own admission!

  3. Sarcasm Goddess

    Thanks to you I bought a bag of chili cheese Ruffles and am currently shoveling them into my mouth by the fistfuls. Have you ever dipped them in sour cream? I’m doing that before I stuff them into my face. It’s like awesomeness exploded in my mouth. I’ll send you the bill for all my new, larger clothes.


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