Seriously, your kid is totally losing their marbles. In fact, my oldest kid is losing his marbles, too! So is my youngest. What are we going to do about it?

It’s a tough world out there, and at times it will drive you crazy. It’s no wonder people are just losing their marbles everywhere! But, your kid? That’s your fault. Bear with me, here.

It Started With an Orange Conference

If you aren’t familiar with Orange, they make curriculum for children’s ministries. Don’t worry, I’m not even going to talk about God in this post! (Except for that one time there.) 😀

No, the message I came across was simple, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was walking along when I saw a jar of marbles. The idea is that the jar is filled the moment your child is born. Then, each week, you take one marble out until your child graduates school…or right there about.

You see, on average, you have about 1000 weeks with your kids until they move out.

So, when I walked up and saw my oldest son’s jar almost half empty…I got profoundly sad. Sad for the weeks I dawdled away. (Yes, I know I haven’t really WASTED any weeks…but it still felt that way for a moment.)


It was just a little stark having a visual representation of all of those weeks that seem to have just flown by; and being faced with a dwindling supply of weeks that promise to fly by even faster still.

Make of all of this what you will. But, I just wanted to share the visual with you. If for no other reason, than to help you take those weeks seriously. I know I have been. Sure, we still lose some time every now and then, but it’s a nice reminder for me to be present and ‘in the moment’ more often. Because one day my children will have completely lost their marbles and be out in the world. I have to get them ready for that day.

Here’s a representation from Birth to 18. Sorry for the image quality, I was walking by with my phone and had to snap quickly because there were a LOT of people there.


Losing His Marbles Birth


Losing His Marbles 1


Losing His Marbles 2


Losing His Marbles 3


Losing His Marbles 4


Losing His Marbles 5


Losing His Marbles 6


Losing His Marbles 7


Losing His Marbles 8


Losing His Marbles 9


Losing His Marbles 10


Losing His Marbles 11


Losing His Marbles 12


Losing His Marbles 13


Losing His Marbles 14


Losing His Marbles 15


Losing His Marbles 16


Losing His Marbles 17


Losing His Marbles 18


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